Sekar Bumi Farm Payangan

Enjoying the natural beauty of Bali, it is not enough just to enjoy the beach attractions only, but also the natural beauty of the mountains, a variety of beautiful gardens in the form of flower fields like Sekar Bumi Farm Payangan you can enjoy the beauty. A cool and attractive place, presenting the beauty of flower and forest fields to be an ideal place to relax, for those of you who want to enjoy a beautiful natural atmosphere, cool and fun. Arranging a walk or tour event in Bali, Sekar Bumi Farm can be a special destination, especially if you are taking children, you can educate them about nature, with beautiful forest and park scenery, in this place there are also various types of rare plants and also plants for medicines. Sekar Bumi Farm Payangan becomes one of the centers of various types of cut flowers for the needs of hotels and restaurants in Bali, as well as supplies to various florist shops. Surely this place is ideal for those who like the beauty of flowers, especially for those women or young women and who like selfie photos, then this place will become one of the interesting tourist attraction in Bali to visit. Sekar Bumi Tropical Farm and Agritourism is located in Banjar Buhu. Kerta Village, Payangan District, Kab. Gianyar Bali. Jark from Denpasar about 47 km, can be accessed by vehicle with ease. Payangan district does indeed have a number of attractions that present natural charm, besides Sekar Bumi Tropical Farm and Agritourism there is a botanical garden and Munduk Asri a new and contemporary sights. Agreatisata flower garden in Payangan has an area of ​​about 15 hectares and most of it used as a flower garden, at least in 200 types of flowers are cultivated, here also provided outbound place that became the company’s choice to organize outing and packing the team building event, a beautiful environment full of flowers. A number of games or attractions are provided such as bicycle tours (cycling tour), trekking, paintball, flying fox, camping ground and a number of other outdoor activities. In addition to a place to relax or team building activities are quite interesting presented in agro Sekar Bumi Farm Payangan, also provide education to children about nursery flowers, such as the way of planting flowers and fertilizing is good, how to pick the right flowers, decorative cut flowers, including recognizing the procedures for composting, witnessing the activities of farmers, Also introducing the traditional irrigation system known as subak. Located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, the area is classified as a cooler, soil here is also fertile, so the various types of tropical plants and flowers, can thrive well here. Sekar Bumi Farm Payangan is far from the crowds, so it provides an opportunity for you to enjoy peace and quiet, keep away from the crowd and feel the coolness and natural beauty that can wash away the boredom and mind can be fresh again.


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