Seganing Waterfall

Seganing Waterfall Nusa Penida is a waterfall located in Nusa Penida area, Bali. What makes Nusa Penida nature tourism is very special is located in an area surrounding the dry hills and no forests. Seganing Waterfall is a hidden waterfall and rarely visited by tourists. Seganing Waterfall is usually called Sebuluh Waterfall by local residents. The beauty of Waterfall seganing not only the water that flows directly into the sea but also the level rock that flowed waterfall. The best time to visit Seganing Waterfall is during summer or drought. Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall is located in Sebuluh Hamlet, Buga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida Sub-district, Kungkung Regency, Bali. Seganing Waterfall is located hidden beneath a steep cliff and directly adjacent to the ocean. Its location is far from the center of the island of Bali makes you who come to visit must go through a long journey. If you come from the pier at Sanur Beach you need to take a speed boat to Toya Pakeh pier for 40 minutes, then go to the Seganing Waterfall location can be continued with a trip by motor vehicle about 1 hour. The terrain that you travel through are cobbled and dry streets. After getting to the parking lot, you have to walk along the path about 15 minutes and then up on the cliff edge. And you arrive to Seganing waterfall with its beautiful panorama. The location of Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall located under a steep cliff requires visitors to pass hundreds of stairs to reach Seganing Waterfall. Hundreds of stairs are very extreme ie only in the form of wood and rope that is strung into a ladder like bamboo stairs are often used at home. Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall 1 1024×768 »Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall, Special Waterfall Hidden Beauty When the rainy season, the stairs are made of wood is very slippery so you must be careful. The wooden staircase is the effort of local residents to provide facilities for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Seganing Waterfall. The springs at Seganing Nusa Penidas are very clear and clean, so you can use the bath or wash your face. You can enjoy fishing around the mainland around Seganing Waterfall. However, you can not swim because the waves roll reach the mainland’s lips around the Seganing Waterfall. Although you can not enjoy water sports activities, you can still enjoy all the beauty that has been provided by nature. Do not forget to always update your social media with various beautiful spot photos of Seganing Waterfall. It should be underlined, you are afraid of heights and do not want to explore a tourist attraction with a trip with a difficult terrain, you better undo your intentions. But if you are adventurous of course this is very interesting and challenging. And do not forget to prepare mental and healthy energy to reach Ar Seganing Falls. Your long and tiring journey will be paid off with the beauty of natural panorama in Segan Waterfall area.


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