Secret Garden Village

Secret Garden Village is located on a land of about 3.7 hectares, opened on May 2, 2016 is still new compared to a number of other attractions in Bali, its presence complement the existing tourist destinations, so that tourists can get the option to tujuam more varied streets . Located on a plateau, presenting a cool mountainous mountain landscape, its architecture is quite unique, presenting contemporary design, modern design combined with traditional Balinese touches, once you are in this tourist spot you can explore space by space provided with its peculiarity own. Secret Garden Village, a magnificent two-storey building designed by renowned architecture Andra Martin, one of his popular works in Bali is Potato Head, an entertainment venue or top club located near Petitenget beach, Kerobokan – Bali. Visiting here besides you can enjoy various products and superior activities, also can watch the architecture that arranged unique and interesting. Entrance fee Rp 50.000 / person / domestic and Rp 00.000 / orang / foreign. An ideal question for prospective visitors to Secret Garden Village, because after you are satisfied to enjoy the beach attractions, rice field terraces scene, the beauty of the lake in the highlands of the mountains, even a variety of artificial recreation park spot, then if there is a new tourist attraction like Secret Garden Village , then what is special and berbedan so that makes it special, for that almost all lovers of tourism will explore the information more terkahuu, whether through google search engine on the internet, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Path or other, so what you have to spend worth it what you will get, and if you happen to find this page, then the following information more complete. Enter the Secret Garden Village area then you will be greeted with a local guide to take and start this educational tour, the first activity is to visit Oemah Herborist Beauty Factory Outlet on the 2nd floor, this room presents the secret history of beauty cosmetics Indonesia since the days of the past to modern development now this, like Balinese lulur komestik product is quite famous, the atmosphere is fun and interesting. You will also be invited to visit Mini Plant a place that presenting the way of making of komestik with natural ingredients typical of earth Nusantara including also mixing of traditional herbal medicine, next there is theater a short film duration 5 minutes about history of cosmetic development. Next to Beauty outlet here there is a beauty store presents products from Herborist that can be purchased. There is a Fragrance Bar a place to mix perfume with natural ingredients. The second activity in Secret Garden Village followed the streets visiting Black Eye Coffee and Roastery a coffee museum and also there is a mini factory. You can see the production of coffee from the archipelago, displaying step by step from raw coffee beans, roasting, to a coffee powder in the form of packaging, using modern and modern technological machines, the results produce high-quality coffee. In this area there is also coffee shops and cafes, selling a wide range of top-quality Indonesian coffee products, as well as a variety of knick-knacks, provided a tasting place of coffee of various kinds, available indoor or outdoor, including balconies. Tour around this venue you will be accompanied by a guide and explain various things about coffee production. Cafe and Restaurant, once satisfied you take a walk to enjoy a number of activities that are served in Secret Garden Village, then provided some place to relax or just enjoy the warm coffee in the cool mountainous area, here you will be treated to stunning natural scenery such as rice terraces and natural hills Bedugul area. This place is very fitting for self-ria photos with the background of hills, rice fields and rivers that divide this area.Spesial for Balinese and Asian cuisine served buffet at The Luwus restaurant while Rice View restaurant serves BBQ or grill menu. If you want to feel the sensation of dining at Secret Garden Village it will cost you extra. This area also there Beauty Garden, a beautifully landscaped garden with beautiful garden lights, will feel more special again when night comes. Secret Garden Village is carrying and has the vision and mission to preserve the culture of the nation to maintain the tradition of ancestors who walk in harmony with modernization.


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