Secret Beach

Scret Beach Nusa Ceningan is a must-visit beach for every holidaymakers in Bali. Will you take a vacation to Bali? If you want to feel the different holiday atmosphere while on holiday to Bali and want more to feel the atmosphere of natural beauty and beach, you can vacation to the island of Nusa Ceningan. On the island of Ceningan there is a beach with the beauty of a hidden natural panorama that is Secret Beach. The length of the coastline is 50 meters. This beach is called Secret Beach because this beach is in a small bay that is decorated with stunning rock. In addition, the beach is also surrounded by forest on both sides that create a private and exclusive impression for tourists who visit. Therefore the beach is named Secret Beach. When visiting the secret beach we also need to be careful when in the sea because this beach has a fairly hard waves. So it is advisable to play water on the beach or relax while sitting or lying on the sand beach accompanied by exotic scenery around the beach. Along the way to the Secret beach also has many rows of cafes and accommodation that you can choose to fill the stomach is hungry or to rest in the hotel room / villa after a move on the island of Nusa Ceningan. The beach is just 2.2 km from the Yellow Bridge which connects Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. After passing the Yellow Bridge, turn right and about 2 meters can find Le Pirate Beach Club. After that turn left towards south, then go straight until the intersection of Two Raksa Cafe Ceningan. Then follow the path leading to the beach. During the trip to the secret beach we can visit the Blue Lagoon first because the path to the secret beach with blue lagoon. We can enjoy the two most attractive tourist spots in Nusa Ceningan at once. To go to Nusa Ceningan, you can depart from Sanur beach by fast boat to Nusa Lembongan. After arriving in Nusa Lembongan, you can rent a motorbike to go to Nusa Ceningan past the yellow bridge and you can also get around to other tourist attractions in Nusa Ceningan. For transpot crossings from bali to lembongan we highly recommend the D’Camel Fast Ferry ship that provides satisfactory service with professional ship crew to deliver you safely to Lembongan from sanur beach. The price offered is very affordable with international fastboats security standards and a luxurious boat.


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