Sate Lilit Karangasem

If you are visiting taupun holiday in the area of ​​East Bali especially Karangasem, there is no harm in you trying to taste a typical dish called Kateesem Sate Lilit. Satay wrap is actually you can find anywhere in Bali. However, this seafood is very identical and distinctive to Karangasem.
Sate Lilit – Culinary Karangasem Bali
Sate lilit supposedly comes from Karangasem area. Sate lilit is a satay made of fresh fish and coconut pierced with lemongrass stalks that add to the aroma. Sate lilit using finely chopped fresh fish mixed with herbs and then wrapped to lemongrass.
The main ingredient of sate wrap usually uses tuna or mackerel. The mixed seasoning is usually a mixture of coconut milk, grated coconut, lemon grass, lime leaves, garlic onion, kencur and various other spices including pepper and salt.
Fragrant aroma and fragrant of course will be more inspiring your appetite. Today there are many sate lilit of sorts, there is a wrap satay made from chicken and sea fish. You can enjoy sate wrap together with ketupat and plecing kangkung. Plecing kangkung boiled kangkung which is then given a paste chili paste. Sate Lilit own taste is very distinctive, namely spicy, fragrant, sweet and savory.
You can find sate merchants lilit in many places, ranging from traditional markets, restaurants and even satay lilit is also sold on the beach in the coast of karangasem and other areas in Bali. Satay wrapper that has a delicious taste usually uses natural spices such as turmeric. Lately a lot of naughty traders who replace turmeric with chemical dyes. Sate wrap that uses natural spices usually have a distinctive aroma. Then the use of charcoal as material
The famous wicked sate can be found in the vicinity of Yeh Malet beach area between the border of Karangasem and Klungkung. Sate lilit here peddled on the side of the road directly connected to the beach scene behind him. So you can take a break while enjoying the deliciousness of satay sate before continuing your tour to other tourist areas in Karangasem. Do not worry about price issues, a skewer wrapped usually valued one thousand rupiah. Cheap is not it? Interested in trying sate wrapped? Do not forget when visiting Karangasem, sempatkan yourself try this typical Karangasem sate.


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