Sembiran village is an ancient village that has been hundreds of years old. There are many historical heritages in this village that are believed to be 2,000 years old BC. There are at least 40 ancient pieces of stone and iron furnishings found in Sembiran which are then grouped into flat-shaped furnishings of iron, stone hand axes, square stone cutlery, stone hammers, and pieces of stone furniture.
In addition to found about 40 ancient and historic furnishings, also found about 20 bronze inscriptions that tell the history of this village. The various relics must be preserved and preserved as well as possible so that for that reason then rebuilt an old house in accordance with its original form, which costs are borne by the district government in order to protect the findings.

In addition there is a unique and interesting old house, this village also has the potential of art as well as customs that are still preserved until now. Some sacred dances are still performed in certain ceremonies as a manifestation that the traditional art of ancestral heritage is still continuously strived to be maintained both in the context of family and community environment.
Various objects which have been discussed above, found in this Sembiran Village include tools that originated from the Old Stone Age (Poletithicium). But unfortunately, until now has not been


found the type of human who support or create these tools. In addition to objects derived from the Old Stone era, in Sembiran also found several inscriptions consisting of 6 groups namely;
1. Inscription of the Queen of Ugrasena (24 january 923 AD)
2. Inscription Tabranida-Warmadewa Times (December 19, 951 AD)
3. The inscription of King Jhanasadhu-Warmadewa (6 April 975 AD)
4. Inscription of the Queen of the Ajua-Dewi (11 September 1016 AD)
5. Inscription of the time of King Anak Wungsu (10 August 1065 AD)
6. Inscription of the time of King Jaya Pangus (July 22, 1181 AD)

The inscription basically contains the rules set by the King / Queen applicable to the village of Julah and surrounding areas including the village of Sembiran.


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