Sade Village

Desa Sade Lombok
Sade village is a small village in the district of Central Lombok in the southern part of the tourist destination. Because the inhabitants still maintain the cultural integrity and lifestyle inherited by their ancestors since 600 years ago such as the buildings, customs, dances and music games, the style of dressing and the use of tools for their daily lives are still in the traditional category. What can you enjoy when traveling to Lombok Sade Village and what is of interest to the traveler in the still-primitive village? Access to the village is quite easy, because it is located about 8 km from Lombok International Airport or about 20 minutes drive, this village has the same route with Seger Beach and also Tanjung Aan. Usually tourists visit these 3 places simultaneously in a tour package lombok called sasak tour package. Which is a combination between tourism and Lombok culture and natural beauty around the southern part of Central Lombok. This 5.5 hectare village, has a traditional house of 150 and each house consists of one family head, with a population of about 700 people. All of them are still descendants, because the people do marriage between siblings and for them this kind of marriage is easy and cheap enough, compared to marrying women from other villages and having to issue some buffalo. Each building in the village is like a mosque, a house, a rice barn and a public meeting place characteristic of the Sasak Sasak architecture where the walls use a woven fence of bamboo and wooden poles, with roofs made of dried alang-alang. The privilege of the building that is designed like this is will be cool in the hot weather and feel warm at night. The floor is made of clay mixed with a little rice husk and every once a week or at certain times such as before the mualainya traditional ceremony floor of the house rubbed with buffalo dung mixed with a little water, then after dry was swept and rubbed with stone. The use of buffalo dung is to clean the floor from the dust to make the floor feel smoother and stronger. Local people believe that the buffalo dung can repel insects as well as counteract the magical attacks aimed at the inhabitants of the house. Because the village is located on a clay hill mound the distance between buildings is very tight, neatly arranged upwards and each building is connected with a path. The inside of each house in Sade Village is divided into three parts. The front for sleeping boys and parents. While the second part is more than 1 meter high containing the kitchen, barns and bedding girls. Then the last part is a small room used for delivery by the mother. The house building in this village is also divided into 3 types according to its use:
1. Bale Bonter is a house owned by a village official.
2. Bale Kodong for newly married residents or parents to spend old age.
3. And Bale Farmers are used as a residence of those who are married and have offspring.


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