Rumah Bambu Pengalon

Bali is widely recommended in tourist sites spread across the internet. However, unfortunately if a visit to Bali, Rumah Bambu Pengalon which is said to be a place of interesting photos that have now been destroyed. “Already from one and a half years ago destroyed (2017) .The bridge was carried by the current into the sea,” said the residents in Banjar Pengalon when met by KompasTravel, Wednesday (24/1/2018). Through the explanation of the residents, Rumah Bambu Pengalon is actually not a place built specifically for tourism. The house of the bamboo composition is actually intended to be a venue for the festival. But unfortunately, completed the permit was not obtained event organizers. As a result the bamboo house was abandoned. “If it’s a new start it’s good, about three years ago (2015) .They come there for the photos, and we got there too,” said the resident. Although still looks bamboo house, some parts have collapsed and changed color. Bamboo House Bridges Pengalon mentioned citizens are above the estuary, was gone without the rest. So it seems difficult even to the former House Bamboo Pengalon. As an alternative, there are still many tourist destinations in Karangasem. Like the beautiful Blue Lagoon, Virgin beach, White Bias beach, or camping at Bukit Asah, visit Besakih Temple or Luhuyang Luhur Temple which is famous for its beautiful scenery, as well as historical tours as well as parks at Tirta Gangga and Taman Ujung.


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