Putung Hill

Places Of Interest Bukit Putung Karangasem Bali
Karangasem is one of the regencies in East Bali. The regency known as “lava earth” has beautiful mountain scenery that is famous for its beauty to abroad such as Bukit Jambul which is located on the border between Klungkung and Karangasem regencies. Not only has Bukit Jambul tourist attraction, Karangasem Regency also has Bukit Putung tourism object which is a blend of natural beauty of hills, plantations, rice fields, and blue sea dikejauhan. Bukit Putung tourist spot has an amazing natural beauty and eye visitors. The beauty of nature here is a combination of the green mountains with the blue sea from a distance. Because the hillside tourism object is in the mountains, here there are various verdant trees, fern aji, coconut trees and salak plantations owned by local residents. This place is perfect for those who like the atmosphere of calm and peace let alone air in this place is very cool. From this tourist spot we can see the beauty of nature in the district of Manggis as the beauty of the sea and coastline with the dock, traditional boat of fisherman Bali is sailing catching fish, and plots of rice fields owned by residents in the district of Manggis. In addition, there is also a cluster of Nusa Penida island located in the middle of the sea of ​​Indonesia. With susana like that would make visitors feel at home for long enjoying the panorama at this tourist spot of Bukit Putung. Bukit Putung Karangasem Bali Places Bukit Putung tourist attractions became famous thanks to the services of an Italian artist named Christiano. He spent many years living in Putung, even married a Balinese woman from Manggis Village. He poured the panoramic beauty of Bukit Putung into his paintings, making the puppets increasingly famous to foreign countries. Bukit Putung also had become an icon of nature tourism in Karangasem in the 1980s. If you want to enjoy the sensation of local fruit flavors such as bali salak. Not far from the attractions of the putung there is the object of agro tourism Sibetan salak. Here you can enjoy the fruit of bark directly taken from the tree with the salak farmers there. In addition we can also see the processing of salak such as making chips salak, candied salak, jam bark, and so forth. Not far from this location there is also a waterfall called Jagasatru Waterfall. In the dry season this waterfall is very small waterfall while in the rainy season the water discharge is very large and of course very eye-catching because the height of this waterfall is quite high. Bukit Putung tourist attraction is able to attract foreign tourists and archipelago, because it has a unique natural beauty with a cool hawanya, calm, pollution free and away from urban noise. Foreign tourists who visit and stay at Putung will linger there, because they want a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, the tourists who visit can also see directly salak garden that many thrives in this tourist area. As a tourist attraction, Putung village is now equipped with good road facilities and parking area. between the two big rocks there. Above the road around this pelinggih there is a hill plateau called hill Blumbang. When you meet the big Beringin, that is the main feature of Pura Puseh Bukit Abah. Located in the golden dragon triangle between the bayonet hill and the Tunggal hill, Goa Lawah ..


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