Putri Nyale Beach

One of the main attractions of the island of Lombok is the beauty of the beaches are still nuanced natural. If you are on holiday to Lombok be sure not to miss the beaches in the district of Lombok Tengah The natural beauty of the beaches in Central Lombok is guaranteed to make you feel at home to linger there. One of the beautiful beaches in Central Lombok is Seger Beach Like the other beaches in Central Lombok, Seger Beach is still quiet. The beach itself has clear blue water and white sand. Beach seger has a large area and is divided into several parts. Near the beach is a resort whose backyard leads directly to the beach Seger On one part of this beach there is a monument associated with a legend of the Sasak tribe, the tribe of the island of Lombok. The monument is a monument Princess Mandalika. This monument as well as the charm of the beach seger Mandalika Princess itself is a legend that is very famous in Lombok. Princess Mandalika is the daughter of one of the royal kings who once ruled in Lombok. The princess has a very beautiful face and a good temperament. Her beauty and kindness made many men fall in love with her. There are many princes who come to propose to the princess that makes the princess become confused. Because no power to make choices and do not want to happen bloodshed among the princes who fight for him the princess finally decided to plunge into the sea. People who know about this event eventually find the body of the princess. However, instead of finding the body of the princess, which was found instead was a sea-like type of worm which was later called Nyale by the Sasak tribe community. The worm is believed to be the incarnation of Mandalika’s daughter. To commemorate the legend, a Mandalika princess monument is located on the coast of Seger. From the legend then also appears an annual festival in Lombok called Bau Nyale which is a festival catching marine worms in mass. The location of this beach festival is centered on the beach Seger The location of Seger beach is located in Pujut, Central Lombok. This beach location is adjacent to Kuta beach. Compared to other beaches in Central Lombok, Seger beach (and also Kuta beach) tends to be better known to tourists. In the vicinity of this beach also has built several facilities to support tourism, especially lodging. This beach is quite often used as a surf location


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