Pusuk Forest

Visit the interesting North Lombok Pusuk Forest
Pusuk Tour in Lombok sticking out as a tourist forest as well as a protected forest as one of the assets of tourist destinations from Lombok. Again Lombok hypnotized domestic and foreign tourists including us with its beauty charm. Unfinished we explore the beauty of gili-gili, waterfalls, and other tourist spots, we are re-seduced with a soothing natural atmosphere of this pusuk Tour. Interestingly, we will find hundreds of monkeys roaming freely in the tourist area of ​​the northern belt of Lombok. Yes, the original inhabitants of this pusuk tour are long-tailed monkeys of a kind of macaca fascicularis known benign. They are used to the presence of visitors so it will not attack unless we disturb them. We will see the monkey flock sepanajng road to get in the tour of Lombok pusuk. Therefore when we bring a vehicle, it’s good to drive it slowly. We can feed them straight away. If our adventurous spirit is challenged, then walking to the forest will be more exciting to do. This pusuk tourism is also known as Pusuk Pass Forest which means peak. Like the peak, then what we get is a very refreshing air with a beautiful view typical of nature. Wisata pusuk is located at the foot of rinjani mountain, bringing coolness with green mountain landscape overgrown with big shady trees, steep cliffs, and even we can see the beauty of the sea of ​​Lombok Utara with beaches that have a stretch of white sand. Lots of lush, shady, and large plants make this forest comfortable inhabited by monkeys. Within the forest itself there are hills with vegetation such as kumbi, mahogany, terep, piling, rakes, and other plants. The steep slope of the ground makes the monkeys easily jump from tree to tree. In the tourist pusuk also many trees that leaves and fruit into the favorite food of monkeys. It’s a loss if we just stay in the vehicle. Streets directly along the path to the forest should be done. Body healthy, clean fresh oxygen also obtained. We can feed the monkeys instantly and then perpetuate their behavior. If we are tired, we can stop at the stalls that are available. Tuak sweet as a typical drink Lombok it’s a shame not to be tasted. The existence of hundreds of herds of monkeys in fact do not interfere with existing traders. Precisely because of the many monkeys, stalls that there are busy visiting the visitors who stop by. litter at random tourist pusuk. If we break it, it is believed we will get lost because we do not know the way home. Believe it or not, clear garbage can not be done. Inserting temporary garbage into bags until finding a trash can be a wise choice. Enjoy the charm of Lombok island from the top of the pass. It was really impressive. Tour in Lombok not only about the beauty of the beach and the underwater park only. The beauty of natural attractions such as in the forest pumper should be included in our itinerary list when vacationing in Lombok Tour. Route to the pusuk tour if from the direction of Mataram, we simply pass through the route Senggigi or Gunung Sari with travel time about 30 minutes away. But if you want the entire tour agenda strung nik practical, and Lombok Tour Plus is happy to accompany you to travel. We will take you to the tourist spots of Lombok, including to this pine forest. We as your best tour partner is ready to serve you as a tourist with complete facilities and adequate accommodation. So you do not worry about getting lost or bothered to take care of the accommodation needed during a vacation in Lombok. We are waiting for your holiday in Lombok with us Lombok Tour Plus.


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