Pura Watu Klotok

Almost every corners and corners of the island of Bali there are Pura Kahyangan and Dang Kahyangan Jagat, not to mention the temple of Kahyangan Tiga found in every village Pakraman and also the temple or pengajan in every home residents, so it is not surprising is also called the island of a thousand temples and identical to the island Gods. Just like Pura Kahyangan Watu Klotok universe located in Klungkung this, become the aim of Hindu people to do worship. Its location on the edge of the beach, far enough from the crowds and presents serenity and peace, so that those who are thirsty for spiritual deepening of Pura Watu Klotok this become the ideal destination. Pretending in Bali is indeed more take place on the beach, on a mountain or hill, on the shores of the lake or in the middle of the forest away from the crowds, because with the silence, quiet and peaceful, the founding elders of the temple believe more easily to concentrate and get closer to the Creator. So is the case with Pura Watu Klotok, its location on the beach. This temple is quite close to the temple of Bhuana Basin, Pura Goa Lawah and a number of Kawitan temples located in Klungkung area, so if they want to do spiritual journey or metirta Yatra, Watu Klotok temple becomes the main destination for Tirta Yatra purpose. Pujawali or odalan in Pura Watu Klotok every 6 months coincides with Anggara Kasih Julungwangi, and also held regular aci each year to coincide with Purnamaning Kalima, so that when piodalan many people who come to do praying. Pura Watu Klotok indeed occupies important positions and functions in the series of Hindu yadnya ceremony, in addition to the celebration days either piodalan or aci performed, every month that coincides with the full moon (full moon), many Hindus who come to this temple do worship . Similarly, when the procession upacra melasti from a number of local temples. Pura Watu Klotok became the center of Pura Besakih sanctity of Pura Besakih, during the big ceremonies held at Pura Besakih in the mulang pakelem series also the destination is Watu Klotok beach such as the ceremony of Panca Wali Krama, Darmada Temple, Eka Bhuana, Tri Bhuana to Eka Dasa Rudra which is held one hundred years, That is why the existence of Pura Watu Klotok is no stranger to Hindus in Bali. There is a very sacred relic in Pura Watu Klotok, a relic of mekocel stone, a stone when shaken will sound like there is something in the middle of the stone, something rare, rarely even not exist elsewhere. This mecocok stone is very sacred and became the forerunner of the establishment of Watu Klotok temple, even the name “watu” means stone and “klotok” means mekocok. Mekocok stone placed or dilinggihkan in the area utamaning mandala Pura Watu Klotok.


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