Puputan Badung

One of the alternative tourist attractions in the City Denspasar which presents a unique scene that is the field tourism field puputan Badung. To commemorate the heroism of the king of Badung VII namely I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung the field of puputan Badung now changed its name to Puputan Badung Field I Gusti Ngurah Made Agung. Puputan Badung Square is right in the heart of Denpasar. This tourist spot is located to the west of Bali tourist attraction and the holy place of Pura Agung Jaganatha, and to the east of the Catur Muka Statue. In this place there is also a city boundary marked with zero kilometers of Denpasar. On September 20, 1906, there was a heroic incident between the colonial troops (the Dutch) and the people from the Badung empire, so that in the north of Badung there was a monument made by badung from the three sculptures, one female, one men, and one child. The word bellows means all-out. So this monument is a form of warning and a tribute to the people of Bali who do an all-out war to the death point against the invaders. Puputan Badung Square which was once a war place has now turned into a beautiful hijua open space, because of the expanse of trees and the coolness presented. Almost every day this tourist attraction the arrival of tourists who want to relax together family, while enjoying the cool air. There is a play or sakedar sitting relaxed with family. On a holiday or Sunday morning, many people jog, run in the morning or just breathe fresh air around the field. Puputan Badung field is used as a place of recreation for residents of Denpasar and surrounding areas, so the field is open 24 hours every day, so tourists can visit this location anytime. Entrance fee to this location is free only you have to pay parking money. For motorcycles, parking rates are Rp 1.000,00 and for four wheels the tariff is Rp 2.000,00. In addition, we can take pictures around the Field Puputan Badung. Every welcome of the new year Caka ie a day before Nyepi (Pengrupukan) in the field is also held ogoh ogoh parade. East of the Puputan Badung statue, there is a row of seats under shady trees with chess boards and chess pieces measuring around 3rd graders. To the south of the field, there will be a kind of washtafel where drinking water. In addition to the field puputan Badung, other green open space located in the city of Denpsar which can be an alternative to unwind you Lumintang Field, Puputan renon Square (Monument Bajra Sandi), and Mangrove Forest.


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