Puncak Manik Waterfall

Selalau any interesting if we review the object of North Bali tourism, especially the beauty of the waterfall. Buleleng Regency does have a large forest area and hills including coastal areas. One of the popular coastal areas is Lovina beach offers natural beach scene with dolphin attraction or dolphins in the wild. As for the natural attractions of the popular waterfall is the waterfall Gitgit and Sekumpul. And now the presence of three waterfalls that is Pucak Manik waterfall, a special place to visit and can be equated with the beauty of other popular places, especially for you lovers of adventure nature tourism, of course this tourist attraction will be the destination of your next walk. On the way to the Pucak Manik waterfall you will find a number of other waterfalls, and of course Pucak Manik waterfall is the most beautiful and spectacular, access to the location requires quite an extra struggle. Travel by motor vehicle or car is quite careful, because along the journey many holes and can be traversed by one car alone, not enough to pass. until you get on the car park you have to continue the journey to the location and hundreds of artificial steps from the original soil and with the logs of the buffer so that the ladder is not landslide, that’s why your visit to the waterfall Pucak Manik need to see the weather, because if the rainy season the streets will be muddy and slippery. The existence of a tourist attraction in Bali is indeed quite interesting, let alone triplets presents a rare natural scenery you can find in Bali. Although access to the site takes extra effort and stamina fit, everything will pay off evenly once you arrive at the location. The difficulty of the terrain is likely to be more exciting if you adventure with the entourage, enjoy the place anti-mainstream, hidden, beautiful, beautiful and unspoiled, will be a pride for you, let alone not so much know the existence of this attraction, not like waterfalls Gitgit already so popular, will certainly provide a more special adventure experience. Stairway to the waterfall Pucak ManikUntuk trekking trip to Pucak Manik waterfall attraction, it’s good you prepare yourself well, of course stamina including supplies, if necessary bring a stick to help your journey. Going through the plantation among the hectares of the coffee plant is so delightful, through the woods, rocks and climbing stairs after staircase, it will give you a nice experience in a beautiful and cool nature bandage away from the city crowd and pollution, although it feels a bit tiring, feel fresh and fresh for this adventure activity, especially after arriving at the location. An area with 3 pieces of twin waterfalls and side by side, look beautiful and unique, clear water flow comes from mountain springs falling on a small pool of water under it, the pool is quite shallow so not ideal for swimming, you can take a bath Fresh waterfall Pucak Manik this, immediately enjoy the sprinkling of the waterfall. In addition you can just relax enjoy the beauty that is offered, the wind blows bring fresh water smack face. Being in the jungle, a herd of apes can sometimes be encountered. The existence of the tourist attraction Pucak Manik waterfall is not so well known tourists, so it is still empty of visitors. Sit back and relax on a wooden seating area, while enjoying the beauty of Pucak Manik waterfall in front of your eyes, while relaxing you can supply or snack while filling time while enjoying the nature is still a virgin. Sure you will feel satisfied to enjoy the nuances of nature that is served this. Moreover, if you like adventure nature tourism, or a place to relax to retreat, then Pucak Manik waterfall will be a top destination. On certain days such as holidays or holidays, this place is a bit crowded visited by local people, but on ordinary days Pucak Manik waterfall more quiet, so you can more freely to relax. The flow of Pucak Manik Waterfall is always stable throughout the season, because the source of the water comes from mountain springs, although sometimes the water debit is smaller in the dry season. This place is managed by local residents, including stairs from the ground is more organized by residents who may be more secure and comfortable with the steps from the concrete. In addition to the view of the waterfall, also presents views of cliffs and woods, blend harmoniously presents spectacular natural scenery. If you are a natural lover of waterfalls, it would be a pity if not scheduled visit to the waterfall Pucak Manik in your trip to Bali. How To Go To Waterfall Pucak Manik Location of Pucak Manik waterfall attraction is in the middle of protected forest in Wanagiri village, Kec. Sukasada, Kab. Buleleng. Nearby attractions from here are also Banyumala waterfalls, Buyan lake and Tamblingan lake, so you can arrange interesting tour events while scheduling the streets with the aim of Pucak Manik. The best way to visit the waterfall Pucak Manik, can by car rental in Bali following the driver or join the tour package provided by your travel agent. If the trip from the direction of Denpasar takes about 2 hours drive. Along the way you can also stop by the temple to Taman Ayun and Beratan Bedugul lake. Upon return from the waterfall Pucak Manik can go directly to Alas Kedaton and Tanah Lot to watch the sunset, so your streets full day is not boring.


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