Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida

The name of Pulau Seribu is not only in Jakarta. In Bali, you can also see the existence of Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida, which also by foreign tourists called the Thousand Islands Viewpoint. Here, you can see the existence of small islands from the top of the cliff, glimpsed like being in Raja Ampat. The location is called Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida is the same place with the location which is often called by the name of Raja Lima. Moreover, the path to both places is also the same. Only separated by a distance not too far away. The difference, in King Lima, you have the opportunity to take pictures with the statue, while here you do not find it. Just like Raja Lima, Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida offers stunning views. Here, you can see the existence of a large rock cliffs sertabatalarang that is in the middle of the sea. In addition, blue sea water makes this place even more stunning. Interestingly again, here you can also see the existence of the spot of the King of Lima. The breeze here is also quite fast, you need to be careful if you choose to take pictures by standing on the edge of the cliff. In addition, the weather is also quite hot here. So make sure to bring a hat as well as glasses for convenience. In addition, use comfortable clothes to wear, remember, you need to walk long enough to be here. Although hot and quite dangerous, you will be satisfied when you get to this Thousand Islands. You will find a spot of favorite photos of visitors, a cliff that juts out into the ocean. The cliffs, at first glance, will look the same as when they were at the end of a cruise ship. While visiting here, you also need to be patient. Given, this location is always crowded by the visitors. Not infrequently, you have to stand in line to be able to wait to take photos. Just be patient, and satisfy your photo time over here. Please note, if you are into this place, be sure to wear the right costume. This place is not a location to relax. On the contrary, Pulau Seribu Nusa Penida requires trekking activities that are challenging enough to achieve them. The journey to get here can start from Teletubbies Hill. From there, it will take you about 40 minutes. Next, there will be an intersection that you need to select. If you choose to walk on the right, you will get to Atuh Beach. Meanwhile, the left lane takes you to Pulau Seribu and Raja Lima. The trekking track to both places is pretty steep. Moreover, the path is only enough for one person. So, if there are visitors from the opposite direction, must alternate past it. In addition, security issues should also be self-discretion. Here, the narrow streets are only given a fence of twigs that in fact are not solid. The soil conditions are also quite slippery. Therefore, be careful for those of you who are not familiar with trekking activities.


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