Pinggan Village

Kintamani region is famous for its cool air. No wonder if Kintamani always visited by tourists to get the scenic beauty of the mountains in Bali. The view of Mount Batur and its lake looks very stunning when viewed from Kintamani. There is a village in Kintamani that has the best spot to see the beauty of Bali in the morning of Pinggan Village. The village is located in the Kintamani region presents views of the misty villages set in the beautiful mountains. Desa Pinggan Kintamani Hendra Gunawan 2 »Desa Pinggan Kintamani, Nature Tourism Full of Coolness in the Highlands of Bali If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise in Pinggan Village, you can come around at 05.30 pm. This is because the beautiful phenomenon of sunrise will start to be seen in Pinggan Village starting at 06.00 WITA. When you depart from Denpasar, then the time required to reach the village location Pinggan about 2 hours 15 minutes. So when you want to see the beauty of the sunrise here, you must leave early in the morning. But if you stay in the area of ​​Kintamani attractions, you certainly do not need to wake up too early. Do not miss this special moment. Being at the height of the mountains, the village of Pinggan at very cold temperatures reaches 16-18o Celsius and this includes the category which is very cold air temperature. Therefore, if you come here should wear a thick jacket or clothes, wear trousers and shoes if not strong with the cold mountain air Pinggan Village. Village Pinggan Kintamani mikevisuals »Desa Pinggan Kintamani, Nature Tourism Full of Coolness in the Highlands of Bali The beauty of the sunrise at Pinggan Kintamani Village is added more ciamik by the fog tapestry that lies in the mountainous area. Underneath is the view of the rice fields are dimly covered in fog. Best Time to Visit Kintamani Pinggan Village in Bali If you do not want to miss the beauty of this mist then it should not come in the rainy season. The best month to enjoy the sunrise and fog in Pinggan Village is around September – November. Being in Pinggan Village all you can do is relax enjoy the fresh mountain air. In addition, this location is very beautiful if wrapped in the eyes of the camera. No wonder if many tourists who come to the Village Pinggan always capture their moment here. Traveling enjoy the beauty of the morning in Pinggan Village does not need a free entry alias. Once satisfied to enjoy the romantic sunrise view, you can continue the journey to Gitgit Waterfall which is located not so far from the village Pinggan Kintamani. Moreover, Kintamani is known as one tourist destination of tourists from various countries.


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