Pering Beach (Segara Wilis) Gianyar


Beriacara about tourist destinations in Bali will not be endless to be discussed, because there are still many tourist attractions unearthed by tourists. Although already known but not exposed to exit out of the country. One of the tourist destinations in bali which many in the rush of the traveler is a beach tour. Bali memeiliki hundreds more tourist attractions that have not been exposed. One tourist attraction that is not not exposed out but has its own beauty and uniqueness that is Pering Beach Gianyar.
Pering Beach or often known as Segara Wilis Beach because in this beach area there is a temple named Pura Segara Wilis. Pering Beach is not as popular as Saba Beach. Although still one with Saba beach people will still consider Pering Beach is part of Saba beach when in fact it is not like that.

Pering beach name taken from the name of a village where the beach is located that is Pering Village. Pering Beach is located in Pering Village, Blahbatuh Gianyar Subdistrict. Pering beach resort is located on the west coast shampoo and east of Saba beach. To access this beach is very easy because one lane with Saba beach.
If you are coming from the Ngurah Rai Airport area it takes approximately 65 minutes to travel by motor vehicle through the Mandara Bali toll road. At the intersection turn right to the right (road By Pass Ngurah Rai) to go to the road By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra. On the road by pass Ida Bagus mantra will find the intersection with the traffic lights and there is a hint of arak towards the beach of Saba. From these traffic lights turn your car to the right. Follow the path until you find an intersection after the bridge. If turn left you will go back to the road By pass Ida nice spell, whereas if turn right you will arrive at Saba Beach’s car park. To get to pering beach you have to go straight on this bridge and follow that path then you will be directed to Pering Beach.

From this beach you will see the beauty of the sea with the waves that captivate the heart. This beach is not as crowded as the beach More, so it is suitable for those who seek tranquility. From the beach we can see the beauty of the island penida nusa. Here we can see the beautiful sunrise on the eastern horizon. So if you want to witness the beautiful sensation of sunrise come at dawn.
Activities that can be done on this beach is to relax enjoy the beauty of the beach, playing volleyball or football because it has a large beach area, fishing, surfing because it has a pretty good waves for surfing activities, riding because it is a horseback ride from the beach shampoo . For those who want to take a shower beware because the currents on this beach is very large.


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