Pergasingan Hill

Hills Ranges – East Lombok
Mount Rinjani always attract tourists who visit Lombok, NTB. From Mount Pergasingan, Mount Rinjani looks very beautiful. The climbing route to Rinjani was only two from Senaru and Sembalun. But now there are several climbing routes. For those who do not catch the mountain peak usually tourists ride through Senaru. But for tourists who catch the peak, they usually rise from Sembalun. But for those who can not even ride up to Segara Anak, tourists can take pictures with the background of Mount Rinjani. Lombok Rebate Hill, now surfaces appear as a new tourist spot that became a favorite for tourists, especially nature lovers and mountaineers, located in the village of sembalun, hill pergasingan is a towering hill located beside the mountain Rinjani. The hill pergasingan has an altitude of 1670 mdpl only difference of 56 meters from mountain andong in magelang, hill pergasingan offer scenery boxes of rice fields of colorful village, in addition to paddy village rice fields, we will see rinjani standing firmly in front of the eyes, plus the sunrise at the peak hill pergasingan also not less beautiful Arrived at the peak of one Mount Pergasingan, savanna wide enough to spread. From the top one, Mount Rinjani stands dashingly challenging the sky. A large water pool adjacent to a vegetable garden is visible from the top of one. Arpini said that the pond is a water reservoir for irrigation vegetable fields. Pergasingan hill in Lombok is indeed captivating. Moreover, usually this cool hill is used as one of the warm-up before climbing to Mount Rinjani. Or it could be as an alternative to climbing if for example Mount Rinjani climbing path is being closed. In Bukit Pergasingan, tourists can see Mount Rinjani clearly and certainly can take pictures with the background of the mountain. To reach the hill required a struggle that is not easy. Suppose you want to catch the sunrise, you have to come to the Mount Rift morning. Well then from that, the day before to Mount Pergasingan, you have to stay first at the inns in the area Sembalun. Because of the city of Mataram to Sembalun it takes travel time 4-5 hours. From Sembalun to Bukit Pergasingan, you can travel by car or motorcycle. Then you should be ready to climb and climb about 70 steps to reach the first photo spot or view of Rinjani. If you have plenty of time and are strong enough, you can reach the top of the Rift Pass. I am from the inn at Sembalun departing at around 05.00 WITA and arrived at the hill around 05.20 WITA. Masya Allah, after I climb and reach the first spot alone, I can see the beauty of God’s creation. You could say hill pergasingan have similarities with mountain andong in Magelang, if in mountain andong we will see the scenery of rice fields around the village and merbabu mountain that stands firmly in front of the eye. In the hill of racing we can also see the mountain Rinjani, paddy field farming and sunrise that is not less beautiful than Andong mountain, we call it hill merging his andong lombok. Because the climb is not too long, it only takes about 1-2 hours so many tourists, especially students and students who come here to spend the weekend, other than that the location of hill tour is also used as a spot of paragliding and downhill. Because of the clear water of the river on the Mount Pergasingan, some small fish were visible in the river. Also in this hill, the cleanliness of the environment is still awake. No garbage around the site. It really is a beautiful view on the Mount of Rampant. So now you just set yourself. Want to ride to Mount Rinjani by way of climbing Senaru or Sembalun. Or you just want to take pictures with the background of Mount Rinjani in Bukit Pergasingan. In addition to peak one, climbers can head to the top two which is about 1.5 kilometers from the first stop point. The path tended to slope and through the tropical forest overgrown with grass. And cross the row of pine trees growing on the hill. After climbing barren hills without trees, the canopy of the forest is enough to make the shade from sun exposure. At the end of the path, the two peaks stretch over the grass. “It’s the tip of Lawang and Sulat Island. Gili Lawang and Sulat are good. If not misty can see the sea, “said Arpini who is also a guide climbing Mount Rinjani. Ascent of Bukit Pergasingan can be reached in two days one night trip. Ideally the climbers chase the sun rises in the eastern horizon that immediately emerges from the sea. The climb generally begins at dawn at 02.00 WITA and arrives before dawn. For climbing licenses and guides, climbers can contact the local community of Mas Development Centeryarakat Sembalun.


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