As with other tourist villages, Perancak Village has its own interesting history if it is deepened again. The attraction of history and the traditions of its local residents make this village much visited by domestic and foreign tourists. Similarly, many tour guides who often recommend this village as one of the villages worth a visit.
Perancak village is located in the southern region of Jembaran regency or located in the western part of Bali Island. The village of Perancak is also referred to as a coastal village or fisherman village because it is related to its location on the south coast of Jembrana. So you who visit this Perancak in addition to visiting the village tour can also see the panorama of exotic and unspoiled beaches. This tourist village of Perancak has several places that usually become the central tourist activity of Pura Encak, Sumur Bajo, and also grave of Bajo tribe from Sulawesi which is so sanctified and sacred.

The majority of the population of Perancak itself is a Hindu who was then led by I Gusti Ngurah who is known as a religious leader far from the wise. On the contrary, I Gusti Ngurah is famous for his arrogance and arrogance and many miserable his own people. As a leader, I Gusti Ngurah resides in a castle or many residents of Tanjung Ketapang who call it by temple. At certain moments, every one who visits I Gusti Ngurah at his residence then he must submit and obey the rules and orders he issued. These rules and orders are no exception to immigrants, including Bajo tribesmen from Sulawesi.
Along with the passage of time, various changes in Perancak Village that keep this long history even happen. Visitors who come here can perform various activities such as enjoying the beauty of the beach, visit the tourist park which has a cross motor facilities and also a road race so it is perfect for your vacation with family. In addition, in every year here is also always held traditional rowing canoe competitions are usually to commemorate the anniversary of the State. The village of Perancak is also famous for its marine turtle conservation namely Kurma Asih. So you and other tourists who visit this village of Perancak can see the turtles, especially when laying. The village also has a Marine Technology Center as well as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administarion (NOAA) Earth Station which has the function of determining whichever points are commonly used as fish gathering locations at sea.

Location :Perancak village is located in the southern part of Bali Island, which belongs to Jembrana District, Bali Province – Indonesia. Located about 19 km from the State and about 98 km west of Denpasar City. From Denpasar can be reached by 2 hour trip by motor vehicle.


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