Panorama of the sea with a row of fishing boats that lean is a visible beauty when visiting the Beach Perancak Jembrana. These fishing boats are the main attraction in Perancak Beach which is indeed a fishing village. When dusk arrives, the view of the sunlight on the body of the boat adds to the exotic impression. Boats that are the main means of transportation of fishermen to find fish, was able to attract tourists coming to visit. The majority of residents of Perancak Village are working to fish in the sea, so it is not surprising that this Perancak Beach area is known as a fishing village. Jancrana Perancak Beach is in the administrative area of ​​Perancak Village, State District, Jembrana District, Bali. Every year at Perancak Beach location is held traditional rowing boat races. The event was held in the series of anniversary activities of the State of the City on July 20th. This event is a routine agenda and very useful for tourism promotion event in Perancak area. In addition to the traditional rowing boat rowing location, in Perancak Beach area there is also a tourist park and often held events such as motocross and road race. which are nationwide. Could be a fun and interesting spectacle for the beach visitors. The park is close to the Beach Perancak has been facilitated with a race circuit for the holding of such national activities. Circuit name is Circuit Perancak and every motocross or road race activities are held, many tourists who come to meet the area of ​​tourist parks in the area Jancrana Perancak Beach. The location of Perancak Beach is also adjacent to the location of Marine Technology Research Center owned by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric and Administration) earth station. The center is enabled for viewing via satellite where the fish center points gather. What is also interesting from the location of Jembrana Perancak Beach is the existence of a breeding ground and turtle conservation because of the many sea turtles laying in this coastal area. Turtles that are nurtured and preserved include hawksbill, green turtles, turtles and leatherback turtles. The turtles annually lay eggs in April and September. Is an association of “Kurma Asih” which is active in saving these sea turtles. Since 1997, these communities have rescued turtles landing on the shore, then moved their eggs in captivity and eventually released turtle boys back into their natural habitat.


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