Tourist Places Jembrana Balinese Beach
For those who frequent or have passed the Denpasar-Gilimanik line, just to the west of Jembrana and Tabanan regency borders or to the west of Mekepung statue will see beautiful beaches with coconut trees around them. This beach is called Pengeragoan Beach. This beach location is very strategic because it is on the edge of the highway Gilimanuk-Denpasar. This beach is perfect for a resting place after a long journey, either from Denpasar to Gilimanuk or vice versa. Around the beach there are stalls selling snacks to “stomach” the stomach, cold drinks to “wet throat”, fast food noodles, hot coffee, etc. at an affordable price. So you do not have to worry if hunger or thirst when visiting this beach. Although this beach is not well known as the beaches of Kuta and Sanur, but this beach has many interesting tourism potential and unique. The beach is black sand with large waves are still natural and exotic. This beach is quite quiet from visitors so it is suitable for you who want to release tired and calm the mind for a moment due to travel very far. The beach is located in “Bumi Makepung” is a Sunset beach (where the sun is sunk) because at dusk we will be served with the natural beach with the sunset tenggelammnya really stunning the eye. For those who like surf beach sports this is a very suitable place to channel your hobby, because it has big and long waves. This beach also has a very wide black sand area so it is suitable for sports activities such as playing volleyball or football. Not only suitable for surfers, this beach is also suitable for Mania anglers, because here there are many spots for fishing. Not surprisingly almost every day there are people who do fishing activities on this beach. While enjoying the sun again, we can sit under the coconut trees waving by the bayu while eating the food on the beach. It is advisable to be careful when sitting under a coconut tree, because coconut fruit could suddenly fall because its members are quite toned and can hit your head. Find a seat away from coconut trees or look for coconut trees that have no fruit. For those who want to bathe or swim in this beach to be careful because this beach has a big wave. Beach pengeragoan located on the west coast Yeh Leh. On the Beach is not yet available seating facilities such as the existing beach Yeh Leh. Although there is no seating facilities, visitors on this beach will not be charged parking fees, because there is no parking officer who manages the area. Coast Pengeragoan located in Pengeragoan Village, District Pekutatan, Jembrana. Located on the banks of Jalan Gilimanuk – Denpasar, Bali. From Kota Negara (Jembrana district capital) is approximately 39 km or with a travel time 53 minutes by motor vehicle, while from Port Gilimanuk only 70 km. If you come from the east for example from the city of Denpasar can be reached with a distance of approximately 58 km, while the Ngurah Rai Airport is only 68 km.


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