For the tourist hunters in Bali if by chance traveling to tourist attractions Alas Pala Sangeh (Monkey Forest Sangeh) or Mumbul Sangeh Park, try sempatkan enjoy the beauty of the waterfall Pengempu. If using a motor vehicle, it only takes 6 minutes journey lho. Really close is not it?
Pengempu waterfall is one of the hidden waterfalls in Tabanan regency. Unlike the waterfall Tegenungan always crowded visitors, precisely Pengempu waterfall is still very lonely from the visitors, this is because not so famous place this tour. Visitors are mostly local tourists who happen to vacation to the surrounding attractions, such as wuk basin tour, Sangeh monkey forest, and mange sangeh garden.
The uniqueness of the waterfall pengempu water tejun this as dihimpit two rock cliffs are very sturdy. This waterfall is almost like waterfall DusunKuning Bangli. The atmosphere around tejun water is still very natural with shady and green trees, coupled with the rushing sound of the stream, is a soothing view of the mind. So this place is suitable for refreshing from the frenetic city.

If you want to enjoy the sensation of cool water in this waterfall pengempu, we can soak in the pool that is right fall of this waterfall. Do not be afraid to drown, because the pond is not too deep and of course the water in this pond is quite clear. In addition to bathing, this waterfall is often used as a background for self-taken photos by the mud-mudi. So it is not surprising if most visitors to this waterfall young people. Surely this waterfall will be crowded visited by young mudi on school holidays.
If visiting this waterfall do not forget to bring drinks, especially if you visit during the day, of course we will thirst because we will pass hundreds of stairs. But do not worry, if you do not have time to bring a drink from home, we can buy it from merchants around the waterfall. Here we can also buy a typical Tabanan drink Loloh Tibah. If we are going to buy a drink will definitely be offered this one special drink.

Loloh Tibah is almost like a loloh cemcem that we usually encounter in tourist spots Bangli. It’s just like his name (tibah in Balinese language means mengkudu), loloh tibah made from noni fruit mixed with other ingredients such as brown sugar, tamarind, and other ingredients so that has a distinctive taste.
To enter the area where this waterfall pengempu we are not charged. Just enough to pay for the vehicle parking of Rp 1,000 per motor and donation box for who wants to donate for maintenance facilities at this waterfall pengempu.
Location and How to Access the Waterfall Pengempu
Location tourist spot waterfall Pengempu located on Jalan Seribupati, Village Cau Belayu, District Marga, Tabanan, Bali. From the tourist attraction of Alas Pala Sangeh only a distance of 2.4 km (6 minutes drive), from the tourist attraction of Mumbul park only a distance of 2.8 km (6 minutes drive), from the tourist attraction of Tanah Wuk valley only a distance of 2.2 km (5 minutes drive) from Denpasar city center is only 24.2 km (52 ​​minutes drive) and Ngurah Rai Airport is only 36.8 km (82 minutes drive).


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