Peliatan Village

The development of tourism in Bali with good, enough to boost the existence of tourist villages as we find in Peliatan village, Ubud District. Many tourists visit here because they can easily find the work of local art crafts art creations, besides regular performances and regular performances are often a show eagerly awaited by tourists. The existence of its society still holds firmly the culture and tradition passed on by its ancestors, and runs sustainably until now. Peliatan Village is about 2 km from downtown Ubud which became one of the most popular tourist attraction in Bali, and is now part of the agenda of tourist visits during the tour. Peliatan Village is in a transitional era in the direction of all-modern, influenced external cultural influences, but traditional ways of life and culture still dominate. So this is also attracting the arrival of tourists to this place, from here can be known interest tourists visit this island, not because of its natural beauty but also related to culture, tradition, art and history. Tourists who visit Peliatan Village are also enthusiastic to buy the results of their people’s kerajianan, they are also enthusiastic to witness the performances of the arts are often held, the traveler can find easily various things related to traditional life, which now very rarely can be found in the all-time era modern, that is the culture and tradition that binds the life of its people, a moral responsibility to preserve the culture of its ancestors, and its existence is now very appropriate to be a tourist village. All of the arts and crafts of the people are highlighted, the inhabitants are quite dense, some still pursue their livelihood as farmers, working on rice fields and partly in tourism such as in art that produces the creation of sculpture, sculpture, dance and painting. The development of painting and sculpture in the village of peliatan itself has developed in the era of entry of Hindu influences, its development was still narrow, only related to religious interests. However, after the entry of foreign artists named R. Bonet and settled in Ubud, Peliatan artists have gained influence so well known to overseas until now. Tourists who want to learn artistry such as dancing or tabuh you can find it in Peliatan Village. Its location in Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, is only 40 minutes drive from Denpasar, and about 20 minutes from Gianyar city. The place is very easy to find, the condition of the road to the village is also adequate, you can rent a steering wheel sediri or can with a driver to travel more fun. Or can join the package tour in Bali that we have packed while visiting other popular tourist attraction.
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