Pecangakan City Park
Hay buddy bloggers, you are looking for attractions in the island of Bali is exciting and exciting? When doing a holiday event, long ago must have been looking for the agenda first yes. To help find the right kind of tour you want to go, there are tourist attractions in Jembrana District is exciting Park City Pecangakan. This park is a city park located in the vicinity of the office area, which is precisely located at Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, State District, Jembrana District, Bali. In the center is a fountain, which stands firmly on the statue of Dewa Ruci (the incarnation of Bima, the figurehead who succeeded in obtaining the holy water of Tirta in the Mahabharata story). In addition to the statue there are also other statues in the Garden City Pecangakan, ranging from statues Drupadi, Krishna, Sengkuni, Arjuna, Srikandi, and many others. Not far from the location of the statues there is a Japanese heritage inscription. From some information obtained said that Pecangakan Park is a Japanese heritage park. Around the 1990s, the park was made a city park by the government of Bali with an area of ​​2 hectares. Once completed, Pecangakan City Park then became one of the most exciting alternative tourist attractions. This park is very popular as one of the most beautiful parks in Indonesia hlo Guys, so do not miss it. The atmosphere is so relaxed, beautiful with combined pool fountain nan charming and the statues that become decoration, of course Pecangakan City Park is very different from the city parks in other areas. In addition the air dikawasannya also very cool, the comfort is more pronounced because shady trees that thrive. These trees are arranged neatly which consists of several types of trees, ranging from palm trees, frangipani, spruce, and so forth. While chatting in this place, you can do various activities with family as well as your beloved partner like sitting relaxed, walk, take pictures ria, play ball, and other exciting activities. To support the tourism sector, the local government, namely Jembrana district government provides a large parking area. If visitors want to stay, then not far from Pecangakan City Park already has enough hotel complete facilities.


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