Patung Dewa Ruci

Dewa Ruci is the name of the mini deity (small) encountered by Raden Bima in an adventure looking for the water of life. The story of Dewa Ruci describes a disciple’s obedience to the teacher, independence in acting, and the hard struggle to achieve something. So this story is much immortalized in the form of statues like those found in Simpang Siur, Kuta, Bali. If you want to travel to Tanah Lot from Ngurah Rai Airport via Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai will surely find a large high statue to the right underpas Simpang Siur. Yes it is a statue of Dewa Ruci his name. Dewa Ruci statue located at crossing intersection of Nusa Dua, airport to Tanah Lot and Sanur to Kuta. Because as the intersection of various current vehicles cause the place is always solid will vehicle both public and private vehicles, so many who call this place with the name “Simpang Siur”. This statue also often appears in FTV films that took shoting locations on the island of Bali. Dewa Ruci statue was built in 1996 by the sculptor son of Bali named I Wayan Winten. This statue tells the journey of Raden Bima (the second son of Kunti in the story of Mahabharata) to take the water of life. Raden Bima is told as a person who is honest, innocent, courageous, strong, loyal friend and tend innocent. The nature of innocence and loyal friend is used by his cousin (Kurawa) who jealous of the power of Bima and will be a stumbling block in seizing the throne of Astinapura kingdom. Kurawa took the initiative to eliminate Bima in various ways, one of which through his teacher Raden Bima namely Bhagawan Drona. The teacher asked Raden Bima to look for the water of life located on the seabed and impossible to find. After the trip finally Raden Bima arrived at the destination. When going into the sea came a giant dragon named “Dragon Neburwana (Dragon Baruna)” and the dragon successfully defeated him. After defeating the giant dragon, then Bima meets a small creature similar to himself called Dewa Ruci, although small that makes it strange and glamorous that Raden Bima can get into Dewa Ruci’s ear and find a place of peace, comfort and hope to stay here. Then Dewa Ruci explains the meaning of what he sees, and can only stay there after being in another world (his death) and now he must return to the world to continue his life. On the statue of Dewa Ruci is taken on the part of the story where Raden Bima fiercely fight against the giant dragon that wrapped around his body like that found in Simpang Siur, Kuta. The parts of the statue of Dewa Ruci that is Sang Hyang Acintya (Dewa Ruci figure) contained at the end of the tongue of the dragon, the human statue (Raden Bima) which is strangling the neck of the Naga Baruna wrapped around his body, then Naga Baruna is angry, (ocean) and surrounded by a fountain pool that symbolizes the sound of the ocean during the battle between the Dragon Baruna against Raden Bima. The statue of Dewa Ruci is not only available in Simpang Siur but also in other places such as in BTDC Nusa Dua and Pecangakan Negara State Park. Dewa Ruci statue in BTDC area will you encounter if you want to visit tourist spot of Mengiat beach or coastal resort of Geger through BTDC Nusa Dua area. While the statue of Dewa Ruci in Pecangakan State Park can easily be seen because it is located in Gilimanuk – Denpasar street, precisely in front of Jembrana Regent office or west of Pura Jagatnata Negara city.


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