Pasar Seni Sayang is affectionately selling souvenirs or souvenirs typical of Lombok that stood since 2001. Had experienced the heyday, now the traders in this art market remains tough sell in the middle of the competition and as the airport moved from Mataram to Praya. “Until about 2011 the art market is still crowded with visitors who are on holiday to Lombok, because the price here is much cheaper than other places, especially if the holidays like now,” said Agus Sumardi, souvenir merchant, Tuesday (12/7 ). “But since Selaparang Airport is no longer operational and moving to Central Lombok does feel a drop in our income,” continued Agus Sumardi.

Pure Souvenirs Sold Agus Sumardi’s shop sells a variety of traditional art objects such as key chains, bracelets, rings, ashtrays, pottery, gangsing lombok, angklung wind, ketak, woven fabric and necklaces as well as many others from different models and types . There are about 27 local stores of size about 2 × 4 meters, built by Mataram City Government. Traders rent at a relatively low cost of Rp 600,000 per year. Almost all shops sell souvenirs and only one shop selling herbs and one RM Taliwang. The decrease in income does not necessarily discourage Agus Sumardi’s willingness and willingness to survive to pick up sustenance. “I’ve been selling souvenirs typical of Lombok since 2005. Alhamdulillah every day there are always visitors who come here, although not as busy as before. Still we should be grateful for the blessings that God gave, because sustenance is not just a matter, “added Sumardi. In addition, Agus and his friends also continue to innovate to be able to compete with other art sales centers.

“To reduce costs, we take semi-finished raw materials in craftsmen from Sesaot, Pumpkin Api and Sesela. Up here or at my new home I finish with painting and coloring. This is to reduce operational costs because if the purchase is ready to sell the price is too expensive and we can not compete with that price, “said the father of four children. According to Agus result from selling souvenirs for 11 years in Pasar Seni Sayang-Sayang is already pretty even have been able to build some local boarding place in Mataram on the land division of his master. This boarding house is also a supplement to the household income. “Alhamdulillah if more busy can be Rp10 million per month from business customers who take goods from me to be sold again on Moyo Island, Senggigi, Gili and others,” he admitted. Agus Sumardi hopes that Lombok tourism in particular and NTB can generally advance so as to have a positive impact on the traders in this Art Market. “Hopefully our tourism will be more advanced, so that more and more tourists who come automatically more likely to come here,” said Sumardi who also promotes the sale of its products through medsos Instagram and Facebook to increase sales in the midst of intense competition.


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