Park Nusa Bali

Taman Nusa Bali is located in the village of Sidan Gianyar, can be an educational place that can offer knowledge about various cultures from the hemisphere archipelago. Maybe you know the tourist attraction in Bali more to the beach areas such as Kuta, Nusa Dua and Tanjung Benoa. But many other attractions that provide creative and educational recreation that you can also agendakan in preparing the tour event. Want to get to know all cultural arts from various ethnic in archipelago and interact with local people, hence Taman Nusa could become your next destination. Taman Nusa Bali can be an event of cultural preservation and provide an effective introduction for visitors both domestic and foreign even for Indonesian children. This Bali tourist attraction is well laid out and well designed, an effective layout arrangement, with visiting paths already provided, making it easier for visitors to get to know more about the various traditional houses as well as the various artistic creativity presented. Although the journey is long enough, will not feel boring or tiring, because you can relax in various places while enjoying the rural atmosphere of your traditional home. Located on an area of ​​15 hectares, making this place can freely mengonsep as many as 60 traditional houses of various ethnic in Indonesia. Taman Nusa Bali is the largest cultural park in Gianyar, located in a rural area, blend harmoniously with the surrounding atmosphere with beautiful surroundings and views of the Melangit River valley. This recreational park is served to facilitate visitors to understand and know the culture of Indonesia in an interesting way, so that visitors will not feel bored, in addition to tourist attractions also increase knowledge, besides that like to take pictures of various places with interesting background can be chosen freely. Taman Nusa Bali is open in July 2013, received a quite interesting welcome for tourists, for art and cultural lovers, even for travel agents can add packaging tour package tour in Bali with a visit to Taman Nusa. Trips provided invite you to review the journey of the nation of Indonesia, ranging from prehistoric times, royal times including Borubudur temple masterpieces made replica, cultural village with 60 traditional homes of various ethnicities, and then entered Indonesia early with the statue of Gajah Mada and the Youth Sumpah gate. Your journey continues until independence is symbolized by the presence of a statue of the Proclaimers and the present era served diaroma miniature railway more than 50 locomotives and carriages. The journey of exploring the history of the nation and the culture of Indonesia culminate in the hope of the nation in the future, this area is of course a modern theme, three museums that collect the nation’s cultural heritage in the show. And to complete all your travel experience in Taman Nusa Gianyar, at the end of the trip you can enjoy the beautiful natural treats in the location of this tourist attraction in Bali such as rice terraces terraces, views of valleys and ravines and Melangit river which is also used as recreation rafting in Bali with the operator Bakas Levi Rafting. Taman Nusa Gianyar has adequate supporting facilities such as large parking facilities, not only for cars, tourism buses can be accommodated easily. For snack and beverage needs on the exploratory track there are seven cafeterias and at the end of the journey you can enjoy the fine dining at the Nusa Kitchen restaurant with a variety of food archipelago or at Royal Sidan for international menu. Other facilities include exhibition halls, auditoriums, souvenier shops and two studios. What’s available at Taman Nusa ensures you will get a different experience during the holidays on the island of the Gods. So Bali not only presents the natural beach but many attractions that give a different touch. Listening to what you have enjoyed in Taman Nusa Gianyar, then we realize so diverse culture of this nation and realize the architecture of Indonesia is not limited to just one form let alone the culture as well as customs and beliefs of God are also different. Each island has a different identity or character. With the architectural expression in Taman Nusa we are also expected to realize the diversity and the difference is then we are conscious to respect each other because basically we are all God’s creatures and how beautiful togetherness in the difference.


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