The construction of Siwa Mahadewa statue located in Gilimanuk Bay is expected to become a new icon of Jembrana tourism especially Gilimanuk as the entrance gate of Bali from the direction of Java. Moreover, the strategic location alongside the port of ASDP welcomes the arrival of people visiting Bali by land. In addition, the existence of a statue of Shiva Mahadewa which in belief Hinduism known as pemrelina (destruction of negative things) is expected to eliminate the negative aura that is not expected to enter Bali. In addition to the statue of Shiva Mahadewa as well as a trademark or a special feature that is easily seen when outsiders enter Bali. The statue also features a garden area with several bale resting buildings on the edge of Gilimanuk Bay. The hope was expressed Regent Jembrana I Putu Artha when inaugurated the statue of Shiva as high as 22 meters, Saturday (21/5). The inauguration was done by signing the inscription by the Bupati. Previously the statue of Shiva Mahadeva diplaspas alias ritual inaugurated by Reverend Hindu and joint prayer followed by the vice Regent of Jembrana I Made Kembang Hartawan, Chairman of DPRD Jembrana I Ketut Sugiasa with a number of Board Members, Head of SKPD and Gilimanuk community. “I hope this statue will be a new tourist icon in Gilimanuk as well as the pride of the people of Jembrana” Artha said. Further Regent Artha said Jembrana regency is very serious to work on tourism potential owned Jembrana including in Gilimanuk. This is in line with the integrated and integrated planning documents contained in Jembrana’s Jembrana Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMD) in synergy with the National Development Plan of the Universe Planning (PPNSB) of Tourism and Culture, as Tri Sakti Bung Karno teaches the personality in the field of Culture. In addition to the newly inaugurated Shiva statue, Gilimanuk also still has an archaeological museum and attractions of coral reefs with a charming stretch of beach. “In the future we will also be equipped with the construction of intelligent conservation platform located in West Bali National Park, so it can combine the concept of recreation and education,” he explained. Artha also wants Jembrana which has only been crossed by tourists on land routes, can begin to seize the available tourism cakes. “At least those who come to stop shopping here is not just passing as long as this” he said. Meanwhile, Head of Jembrana LHKP Office I Wayan Darwin said the statue of Shiva Mahadewa was completed in two stages. The first stage of the construction of statues and foundations swallowing Rp 783 million. While the second stage of finishing with a budget of Rp 885 million. dep


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