Pandawa Beach

Pandawa beach popularity as one of the attractions in Bali, became one of the places as a mandatory destination when you arrange a package tour in Bali. Strategic location occupies the route of travel in the direction of South Bali, and is located in the village of Kutuh, District Kutas Selatan, Kab. Badung, so it is also known as Kutuh beach. Formerly before the beach Pandawa is popular, by the foreign tourists better known by the name of Secret Beach, because it lies hidden behind the hill. But once there is access road entrance by dredge the hill, then the beauty of this beach becomes more famous, especially with the existence of limestone cliffs formed after the making of the road, looks harmonious combined display beautiful natural scenery. Characteristic of this tourist attraction in Bali is the existence of the statue of Pandawa family who is on the limestone cliffs, welcome your arrival before arriving on the beach Pandawa. Access roads are adequate and provided a large parking lot, can accommodate the car and until the tour bus. Just entering the area from above you can see the beauty of beautiful pandawa beach in front of the eyes, from a distance seen a number of tourists who fly by participating paragliding recreation, which flies from the height of the hill Kutuh. Main canoeing on the beach Pandawa The beach is pure white sand, the waves are also calm with clear water, making it possible for tourists, to swim, sunbathe or relax under the beach umbrella while watching the beauty of the ocean view and feel the fresh air of the beach away from pollution. Popular watersport game is a canoe game, there are many canoe rental service by the beach. Last update we get, you can rent with the price of Rp 25.000 / jam for the capacity of 1 person, while canoe for the capacity of 2 people pegged Rp 50.000 / person, life jacket Rp 20.000 / jam / orang. If you want a list of complete watersport games can come to Tanjung Benoa tourist attraction. There are many food stalls and drinks at affordable prices, fresh coconut water, a favorite choice for tourists who are feeling the heat of the sun. long beach is about 1 km facing south, along the beach there is a beautiful lined beach umbrella. Pandawa Beach Bali, which was once dominated by foreign tourists, is now even more visited by domestic tourists, especially when the holidays arrive and the new year, you can feel how enthusiastic tourists to be able to enjoy the beauty more closely. Visiting with the children to the beach will provide an interesting experience for them, the best time is when the sun starts to weaken, such as in the morning or afternoon, because during the day the beach area is hot, but do not worry there are a number of shelters, including beach umbrella that you can rent for Rp 50.000, so you can feel more comfortable. Pandawa Beach does have a number of complete facilities, in addition to extensive parking, there are food and beverage stalls, restaurants, toilets, hire charger hp, shade wantilan buildings, canoe rental providers and also Spa to feel the relaxation massage. In Bali there are many transportation options that can take tourists to the tourist destination. Can rent a motorcycle, rent a car in Bali, rent a taxi or choose a package tour in Bali that has been packed by visiting the beach Pandawa. Entrance to visit Pandawa Beach; Rp 4.000 / person / WNI and Rp 10.000 / orang / WNA, while the parking fees of motorcycles Rp. 2,000, Rp 5,000 car and Rp. 10,000. The admission price is quite cheap for popular tourist attractions like Pandawa beach. From Ngurah Rai airport to go to Pandawa beach resort takes about 45 minutes drive. Go to Uluwatu direction, about 1 km after the GWK tourist attraction, at an intersection, then you turn left, look for the direction of the road to the village of Kutuh, in this village there is a road petunjunk that leads you to the beach Pandawa. If you feel hesitate to be able to find Pandawa beach, then more recommended car rental in Bali along with the driver, because our driver already understand the map to the various attractions in Bali. Visiting Pandawa beach you can visit other places as well, in a full day trip with a duration of 10-12 hours, you can start with Tanjung Benoa attractions, GWK then Pandawa beach, Uluwatu and last to Jimbaran.


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