Paluang Temple

Nusa Penida has many temples for Hindu religious ritual means. In Hamlet Karang Dawa Nusa Penida, you can see one of the unique and different temples. Paluang Temple Nusa Penida is often called Pura Mobil. Surely you are curious, why this temple is called a car temple. Yes, the reason is because pelinggih in this temple shaped car. This temple on the high seas looks just like any other temple in Nusa Penida, Bali. But if you see more clearly, this temple has a unique distinction with the other temple that is of 13 pelinggih in Pura Paluang there are 2 pelinggih that resembles VW Beatle and Jimmy cars. Paluang temple which has pelinggih shaped cars is the only one in the world and this is the main attraction for tourists and people who visit this car temple. The story of hereditary about the history of Pura Puraang Nusa Penida is said, formerly a citizen of Karang Dawa want to open plantation land in this place. During the process there is a large rock that must be moved to another place. After being transferred, the next day the stone returns to its original place and repeatedly occurs. Then there is a niskala hint to set up a pelinggih in that place which is on the cliff and adjacent to a very steep ravine. The temple is Pura Paluang. With the passage of time Ida pawisik melinggih in the temple that is Queen Gede Sakti Hyang Mami requested that the local community make pelinggih car, because he in no-niskala nature has a car vehicle. Jimmy car is the pelinggih of Ratu Gede Sakti Hyang Mami. Where in Jimmy’s car stop there are 2 statues of wife lane which is believed by local people as Ida Bhatara maninggestasi melinggih namely Ida Bhatara Ratu Gede Ngurah and Hyang Mami. While the VW Beatle car is a car of his followers or children. According to the story, during the night local residents often hear the sound of roar and car horn with bright light and high speed toward the northwest. But the roar is only a cursory course and no longer visible where it went. Pelinggih car in Pura Paluang is told to have existed since 300 years ago. Though the VW beatle car from Germany was produced in 1938-2003. In Paluang Temple VW Beatle car is golden on the hood, and yellowish brown in the body. The tire is also painted similarly. There are three box holes on the driver’s front window, and two entrances. The car number plate is KD 013. While Jimmy’s car is painted red. There are two door holes, namely on the right and left, inside there is a statue as a symbol of the driver. The windshield of the car is closed, but on both sides there are two golden green dragons. This car plate is DK 28703 GL. VW KD 013 car plate that has the meaning of Karang Dawa and the restoration of pelinggih on 01-01-2013. And car plate Jimmy DK 28703 GL. DK is the vehicle number plate for Bali Province, 28-7-2003 is the date of restoration and GL means Mountain and Bees (chasms). Formerly this car-shaped building is made using wood that is shaped like a car. But because the wood has begun to porous with the size, shape and design of the building is fixed and unchanged, pelinggih was also renovated using stone to make it more durable. Paluang Temple is printed in Dusun Karang Dawa, Desa Bunga Mekar, Nusa Penida. Therefore this temple is also known as Pura Karang Dawa. To reach the location of this temple from the port of Nusa Penida you can travel on a motorcycle about 40 minutes. With a sandy street and somewhat difficult to pass. Along the way you will pass through scrub, chalky cliffs and some people’s homes. Every now and then will pass some residents and see the beauty of the sea from a distance. But this temple is located far from the residential area. You can use our services to take you to Paluang Cliff on Nusa Penida Car Rental.


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