Paluang Cliff

Travel to Paluang Cliff we do after eating lunch in the late afternoon at a stall near Kelingking Beach area. Actually, Paluang Cliff, Kelingking Beach, and Love Tree are spots that are close together and are in the same area. Paluang Cliff itself is a spot that allows visitors to see the cliffs / stones found in Kelingking Beach. It could be said that Paluang Cliff is a hidden spot to be able to see the beauty of the stone in Kelingking Beach from different angles. Travel time from the stalls where we eat to this location takes about 7 minutes by motorcycle. In order to reach this place, we have to pass a bit of swamp and need to be careful also because we can get beret due to friction with various types of plants that exist in the swamp. The road to pass also counted very narrow and only one direction only. In a way, this spot is a hidden spot not known to many people. Although the heat of the sun was so stinging to the face and the skin and the wind that blew so hard, but it did not diminish our intention to get to this location in hopes of enjoying the beautiful scenery it offers. This spot is also one of the best spots to see the sunset because we are directly served with views of the sea off without any other object closed. You need to walk a little towards the spot photos to get the best photos from Paluang Cliff. And of course, you have to be careful because if you get stuck, you can roll over the cliff and end up at sea because there’s no security barrier or anything in this area. So, do not get pecicilan so as not to end up unlucky. When we arrived at this location, it was late afternoon and showed around 16:00 WITA. The image capture process must be in the backlight condition. As I have explained above that the object you want to photograph is the rear of the cliff at Kelingking Beach. For those of you who are afraid of heights or have poor body balance, I suggest not to take pictures in this cliff area because here we stand so close to the abyss. However, if you do not want to waste the opportunity to capture the moment, simply take a photo from a distance. Avoid taking photos in spots that are too close to the cliff. We also did not linger in this spot because it still has to catch the last spot of Crystal Bay and its sunset before returning to the hotel to rest.


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