Padlock Love In Tegalalang

Once you hear Tegalalang, the place is so popular because of the natural beauty of rice terraces, even to this time terraced paddy fields in the village of Ceking become a very popular tourist destination, the place in Tegalalang is called Tegalalang Rice Terrace or Ceking Rice Terrace. Tegalalang itself is a District area in Gianyar Regency bordering with the District of Ubud. Its natural beauty is like a stretch of rice fields, inspiring local people to create a new tourist attraction called Gembok Cinta, an instagramable tourist attraction in Bali suitable for those who are hooked selfie photos. In Tegalalang area beside Ceking Rice Terrace, there is also Green Kubu Cafe which presents the natural beauty of rice field and now there is another new attraction of Gembok Cinta, which is now a tourist destination for hits and trends for young people, especially those who are dating, even also for adults. Here you can keep your memories and lock your love with your partner with the symbol of a padlock you leave behind here, as well as capture the moment with selfie photos and with the backdrop of rice paddies in different places. Distance of Gembok Cinta attraction from airport about 46 km, address or location in Br. Gagah, the village of Tegalalang, Kab. Gianyar – Bali, this new tourist attraction is adjacent to Tegalalang Rice Terrace, the distance between them is about 2 km, so also Ubud tourist attraction is about 9.5 km. These places are located adjacent and direction of travel, so if you scheduled tour with the purpose of Ubud or Tegalalang, it will be a pity if the place is not visited. Entering the Gembok Cinta area, then you will be presented with a wide rice paddies, about 92 kektar and the one part of the rice field, made a very creative artificial tourist attraction, utilize and maintain the existing beauty and natural presented, then packaged and made where to get a selfie photo. The place is so charming presented beautiful in a beautiful dressing of green rice fields. As if to be a myth for young people, their love is locked tight with a padlock, so that their love affairs become lasting, not surprisingly, the tourist attraction area of ​​Padlock Cinta is indeed dominated by young couples or ABG. But not necessarily like that, adult couples or even those who have not had a partner can make this place as a new tourist destination that is ready to provide a different experience. When the mind is saturated, and wants to keep away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, looking for a comfortable place with green treats, then this Padlock of Love can be the next destination of a tourist destination other than the beach in Bali which presents a cool, quiet atmosphere and away from vehicle pollution. Enjoying nature in this place will be better when the rice field began to look green blend harmoniously with the tropical trees that seem to surround this place. Padlock Love Tegalalang in Gianyar Bali provides a number of places for selfie photos, such as a padlock-shaped platform located in the middle of the field, can as a place of selfie photos with a backdrop of rice fields. There are a number of arrangement of letters that are in pretty design such as “Love”, “Singles” and “Padlock Cinta Bali”. All of these writings and tools blend beautifully with the backdrop of rice paddies, ideal for selfie photos.


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