Pabean Beach Ketewel 


If you want to take a trip to eastern bali such as candidasa beach, virgin beach or park tip, then alternative road that will be used is by pass road Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra because this road is the shortest road to eastern bali and rare congestion unless there is a ceremony custom or religion in one of the beaches along the road ida nice mantra. Along the way to eastern bali you can visit several beaches so your trip is not boring to the eastern bali.
One of the beaches on the road path by pass prof dr ida nice mantra ie the customs beach. The name of the customs beach is taken from the name of a banjar where the beach is located the customs banjar. This beach offers the beauty of its rising sun. For those who like to hunt for the beauty of sunrise then customs beach suitable for the object to distribute your hobby. Although the beach is not so famous among tourists, such as beach kuta and pandavas that have been legendary to foreign countries. For lovers of beach surfing is quite famous for presenting panoramic waves are beautiful and large, so the target of the waves conquerors to “dance” surfing boards in certain months.

To support tourism activities in the customs beach tourism area, the local government provides paved highways, ample parking areas, and also available viila-villas at affordable prices. At this location there are no food stalls that sell food and drink so if you want to visit the customs beach then bring food and drinks.
Customs Banjar is a fishing village, therefore you can find several boats parked by the beach during the day. Although close to the coastal village is really very quiet of the crowd, so it is suitable to want a quiet atmosphere in filling his vacation. So if you happen to vacation in Bali, it would not hurt to visit this one beach.
If you come from the airport area ngurah rai approximately a distance of 32 km or travel approximately 50 minutes journey by way of motorway balinese bali bridge by pass ngurah rai. From by pass ngurah rai continued up to titi banda statue then east through road by pass prof dr ida nice mantra.

After about 5 kilometers on this road, begin to direct the view to the right side of the road, because the signpost signpost is very small. If you have visible plangnya, find the nearest U-turn to enter a small road that leads to the Customs Banjar. Later will find the signpost with the words “PURA DALEM KUNGIN DESA KETEWEL DESCRIPTION” go in there and follow the path.
Follow this relatively narrow but smooth customs banjar road. Somewhat winding and there are a few crossroads, make sure you follow the main road, do not turn to a smaller path again. Approximately 600-700 meters, the road will be split to the left and right on the beach. Take the road to the right and park directly in front of the temple then you’ve arrived at Customs Beach.


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