One of the tourist attractions that fit for you to visit if your vacation to Lombok is the Waterfall Otak Kokok or often called Waterfall Joben. This waterfall is located in Montong Betok Village, District Montong Gading, East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. This tourist attraction has a height of about 5 meters, where the waterfall out of the roots of trees that have been aged for hundreds of years. Brain Kokok name, in sasak which means water source or can be interpreted upstream. It is said that according to the surrounding community, this waterfall is one of the waterfalls that can help cure various diseases.

With a bath under the waterfall is then when the water that hit your body turned white like white milk then your body is a disease and if you continue in the flood with waterfall it then your disease will soon heal. East Lombok tourist attraction is very suitable for family holidays because it presents 2 pool for children and adults also, for admission tickets priced Rp. 5,000 per person. The absence of rules for you to wear swimsuit in this place but to have a polite because it is true citizens lombok very firmly adhere to religious culture. Various berugak have been provided is located right on the coast of the pool as a container to rest or unwind after doing a swimming activity.

An hour away from the city of Mataram to the north through central Lombok then we arrived at the montong area of ​​ivory in the village area montong betok lombok east, where this tourist attraction east lombok is located, the high rainfall makes this place famous for its cold, stinging, even once heard in 2015 that the existence of snowfall in this place. This tourist attraction is included in the tourist attraction that is under the foot of the mountain Rinjani which is also a geopark area that serve as a protected garden tourist attraction, facilities and roads are well ordered.


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