Have you ever heard of Nyanyi beach, may be quite foreign to some people because it is not so popular beach Nyanyi Kuta beach, Pandawa or Sanur. However, the beach can be equated with the beauty of other popular beaches in Bali. His name is associated with a song or gending, which presents a song and ready to entertain every visitor who comes to this attraction. However, the name of the beach is taken from the name of the village where it is located in the hamlet Nyanyi, Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan – Bali.
Every tourist attraction, especially the coastal nature, certainly presents a number of privileges so that the place has a special and different attraction compared with other places. As well as what is offered by beach attractions Nyanyi in Tabanan – Bali. The beach is spread wide facing South, enjoying the blue ocean view of the Indian Ocean.
Coastal attractions Nyanyi spread wide sandy black and smooth, when exposed to the sun rays flickering sand adds charm, the waves are large and long, so the beach Nyanyi is indeed ideal for those lovers of surfing or surfers, also seen a number of fishing boats signifies this place is suitable for fishing to catch fish.
These are some of the features of Nyanyi beach, although the sand is black, not white sand like other coastal attractions but its different charms are able to give the feel of nature with different beauty. Moreover, this beach is still empty of visitors, so its nuance more calm, peaceful and more privacy, is ideal for those who need peace and quiet after a day of activity.

Feels very different when in this Nyanyi Beach, the place as hidden away from the crowds and also the houses of the people, although now began to look a number of buildings began to stand adjacent to the coast of Nyanyi this, however this place is quite far from the homes of the population or tourism facilities, parking is not available, toilets let alone restaurant, there is only a small shop that provides food and drink, this place has not been managed as a tourist destination, but it seems very potential to be developed into the next popular tourist destination.
Beautiful, calm and beautiful make visitors who miss the peace will feel at home linger in this tourist attraction. Nyanyi beach spread wide facing to the South, on the west coast of Nyanyi is confined with cliffs and across the hill is a tourist attraction of the beach of Tanah Lot is very famous as a popular tourist attraction in Bali, and on the East bordering the beach Mengening, even from the beach Nyanyi you can see the beauty of the temple Mengening which is located jutting into the middle of the sea. So the beach Nyanyi flanked by two temples namely Tanah Lot Temple and Mengening.

The attraction of beach attractions Nyanyi able to provide different experiences in your Bali tour, a number of activities you can do in this attraction include bathing, sunbathing or surfing. Surely no less interesting is to walk on the beach or relax while playing sand, enjoy the atmosphere of calm, relax with family and children is to be very interesting here. Especially during the afternoon, you can see the natural beauty of the sunset from this Nyanyi beach. Nyanyi beach distance from Denpasar about 19 km through the highway Canggu – Tanah Lot. About 1 km before T-junction to Tanah Lot tourist attraction, turn left to Nyanyi beach road, about 3 km at the end of the road you will arrive at Nyanyi beach. Throughout the journey you are treated to rice fields, after passing BITDEC Bali School or about 1.5 km before heading to the beach, you enter a really empty area of ​​resident’s house.


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