Nunung Waterfall

Nungnung Waterfall is located in the district of dusk, Badung district which is about 50 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. The exact location of this waterfall is located in the end of Badung district in the north and as a suggestion, use the map to make it easier to find this waterfall. With a cobbled lane on the cliff side of Denpasar to the evening districts you will find incredible scenery along the way. Arriving at the entrance to the tourist attraction of waterfall nungnung you will be asked the entrance ticket of 7500 rupiah per person. the waterfall itself is at the base of a very steep valley with a slope angle when down the cliff to approximately 50-60 degrees based on my calculations. in Bali itself a waterfall that has a typical cliff like this only two that is waterfall nungnung and waterfall sekumpul which can be practically more extreme, but if you do not have excessive fear at altitude and likes challenge then this waterfall is perfect for you.
In contrast to the collapsed waterfall even where the steep side of the ladder does not have a buffer, the waterfall nungnung very different. although the track looks scary and exhausting with almost a hundred steps, this tourist attraction is very well-run and professional and seems to have built such facilities for quite a while. the lane can be spelled out quite wide with the construction of concrete and given a safety handle.
if the bali waterfalls are crowded during the holidays like galungan, brass, not d holidays alone in ordinary days is also quite crowded, because the beauty is different from other waterfalls.


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