Nipah Beach

Nipah Beach in Lombok, the water is as clear as Glass
detikTravel Community – Nipah Beach in Lombok has the advantages of sea water is as clear as glass. No doubt, the traveler who came there would want to just plunge into the water. If the year-end holiday to Lombok, come here yes! Along the road from Senggigi Beach to the Bangsal Port in Lombok, there are at least three beautiful beaches that unfortunately if not in transit. The amount may be wrong, because it is not impossible there are still other beaches that we do not know its existence. Pandanan Beach, Nipah Beach, and Malimbu Beach are the three beaches I mean. The names of this beach I know when riding a cab with three other friends, Adam, Hendry and Ridho, to the Port of Bangsal from Senggigi. Apart from the name of the beach that is listed from a signpost that is sometimes listed on the main road, the names of beaches we know after asking Mr. Samiun, the kindly taxi driver. After having time to enjoy the beauty of Pandanan Beach from a road on a hill that is not too high, then we also ask to Mr. Samiun to stop first at Nipah Beach. Unlike when stopped at Pandanan Beach, on this beach we ask to Mr. Samiun to enter the beach area. Well the road lumayann difficult to enter a car, even by type of sedan though. But carefully, Mr. Samiun took the company car where he had made his living to the beach. When the wheel of the car stopped spinning, right then we went out and jog to the beach. The base of the island of Lombok, the cool is amazing especially the clear sea water! When compared with other beaches, especially Tanjung Aan Beach which until now a beach that is difficult to forget in Lombok, the scenery at Nipah Beach is not classified as ‘wow’. There is almost nothing unique on this beach that can remind us that it is Nipah Beach. But make no mistake, visitors on the beach is quite crowded especially during the holiday season. Its location is not too far from the provincial capital, making this beach in the choice of a place for recreation. Moreover, as in the beaches of Lombok in general, sea water on the beach is clear glass so there is no reason not to bathe. The sun is leaving early. That day we also had to hunt with time to leave soon Lombok, let not until the night when arriving in Bali later. As a result after a brief photograph with a haste, we were soon left Nipah Beach with its beauty that hopefully timeless by the tourism industry that is not controlled.


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