Neka Art Museum

Ubud tourism activity Bali, is famous to foreign tourists and many interesting things that tourists, can do in Ubud tourist attractions. One of the interesting places in Ubud Bali, which many get a visit from tourists is Neka Ubud Bali Museum. If you have ever heard of famous Indonesian painters, named Affandi and Bagong Kussudiardjo. Then Neka Ubud Museum, one of the tourist attractions in Ubud Bali that must be visited. Neka Ubud Bali Museum, located on Jalan Raya Campuhan, Kedewatan, Ubud. If you want to see the location of the Neka museum on the map, please click this link, map the location of the Neka museum. Neka Ubud Bali Museum, opened in 1982. The name of the Museum comes from the name of a teacher, who has a penchant for collecting paintings, the name of the teacher is Suteja Neka. Neka Ubud Bali Museum building, has Balinese architecture with International museum standard. In addition to the well-preserved Neka museum building, how to showcase the artworks at the Neka museum is very organized. This facilitates visitors, to understand and enjoy the painting. Every year, the paintings at Neka museum are increasing and there are now more than 300 paintings, from foreign artists or Indonesian painters. Mengasikan not for your tour in Bali?
Museum Opening Hours And Ticket Fees
Entrance fee will be charged Rp 50.000, for adults and children under 12 years free. For the opening hours you can see below.
Monday – Saturday: 09:00 – 17:00
Sunday: 13:00 – 17:00
National holidays, close.
Place of Painting Affandi, painters, Neka Museum one of the places in Bali to be able to see paintings by Affandi. There are two paintings by Affandi at the Neka Ubud museum: In addition to Affandi, the Neka Ubud museum also exhibits paintings from Bagong Kussudiardjo painters, titled Painting Dancers, made in 1990, with a 143 x 295 cm painting size. When you tour in Ubud Bali, of course you will need a means of transfortasi to visit the tourist attractions in Bali that you want. If you are staying in Ubud and just want to travel to one of the tourist attractions in Ubud. Using taxis is the best way. Many taxis are available in Ubud, so you will not find any trouble to search. If you do not stay in Ubud, the best way to visit Neka Museum and other attractions in Ubud is to use car rental services and drivers in Bali. Why we suggest you use the driver. In Ubud, to find parking space is not easy. Sometimes you have to park on the side of the road and it is very difficult to get a parking lot. Therefore, we suggest you to use car rental and driver service in Ubud Bali. In addition to Neka Museum, Ubud also has other museums worth your visit. The name of the museum is Arma museum Ubud. If you are not too familiar with the tourist attractions in Ubud, we suggest you to find Ubud Tour packages. Most of the holiday package providers in Bali, have included entrance fee for tourist and lunch. By purchasing a package tour to Ubud, your planned holiday schedule and holiday budget are in the know from the beginning.


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