Nampo Hill

The beauty of nature on the island of Bali is endless. Recently, there emerged a beautiful hill called Bukit Nampo Karangasem that attracted the attention of tourists. Especially because of the beautiful scenery, and many who call this hill as the hill of paradise from the island of Bali. From the location of Bukit Nampo Karangasem, the visitors can directly see the green landscape owned by Bali Island. Located at an altitude of 795 meters above sea level, this place does present a high-altitude view that is soothing to the eye. Bukit Nampo Karangasem 4 1024×768 »Nampo Hill Karangasem, Beautiful Bukit Surga from Bali The tourists can see the beautiful scenery in this place anytime. In the morning, the scenery that is served is a stretch of green scenery decorated with sunrise views. Meanwhile, at night, visitors can watch the sparkling City of Amlapura from this hill. In addition to saving beautiful scenery, there is an interesting story about the existence of this place as a tourist location. Formerly, this place is an ordinary hill and far from the impression of a tourist spot. However, it changed because of the usual ape intervention in the surrounding area. How come? Bukit Nampo Karangasem 3 1024×1024 »Nampo Hill Karangasem, Bukit Surga Beautiful from Bali The community was excited because of the enlivened attack of wild apes who target and steal food from plantations owned by residents. They are also increasingly upset because the monkey population that comes from the forest continues to increase. Finally, residents took the initiative to build a bale bengong which is used as a hangout at the same time in case there is a wild monkey attack. The existence of bale bengong that became the forerunner of the existence of Bukit Nampo Karangasem become tourist attractions that are now crowded by tourists. At that time, little by little residents from the surrounding villages come to this place because it is interested in the beautiful scenery that exists. Over time, the number increased dramatically until finally there was an initiative to make this place as an agrotourism location. Bukit Nampo Karangasem 2 1024×704 »Nampo Bukit Karangasem, Beautiful Hill of Bali From time to come the idea to establish a villa. However, the idea was then undone because it would adversely affect the existence of plantations owned by residents. Until finally, agro-tourism is chosen to be a supporter for the existence of plantation residents as well as functioning as a tourist site crowded visitors. Bukit Nampo Karangasem So Location Photos Selfie Instagramable The existence of Instagram social networking becomes an effective tool in popularizing the existence of Bukit Nampo Karangasem. Moreover, this place is promising the location of an instagramable selfie photos. Not infrequently visitors know the kesaaan this place of social networking that became a means of sharing these photos.


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