Museum Subak

Subak Museum is already duly preserved. This museum contains a lot of cultural assets that really will not be priceless. So, naturally if the existence and existence of this museum is maintained and preserved with all the ability to not experience extinction. This museum tells a lot about the life of Balinese people who are famous for its agricultural sisitem. The first time this museum stands initiated by an expert of adat and religion that is so respected and respected by the community named I Gusti Ketut Kaler. The reason why he initiated the establishment of Subak Museum is that the cultural heritage of ancient heritage since the XI century is maintained. Finally, his hard effort was realized by being named Cultural Heritage Museum Subak. Anything in this Subak Museum? Inside the Subak complex itself there are several rooms such as audio visual room, exhibition hall, study room, lodging, office, library and miniature of Bali irrigation system. Around October 1981 eventually this museum was inaugurated by the Governor of Bali at that time, Prof. Ida Bagus Mantra. This museum is a special museum about the agricultural system in Bali characterized by the independence of the eternal foundation “Tri Hita Krana”, the three causes of happiness (God, man and nature). With the development of science and technology, it is feared will also affect the life of Subak. Therefore, the effort to preserve Subak along with traditional Balinese equipment includes the building of traditional farmers’ houses that follow the rules of development of the earth asta and asta kosala-kosali, the layout, the layout according to Balinese tradition needs to be encouraged. Besides saving, digging, securing and maintaining various objects related to subak and presenting various information, education and documentation about Subak.


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