Museum Pasifika

Museum Pasifika in Bali can we say a new museum, compared to other museums on the island of Bali. In the museum Pasifika, provides a collection of artists from all artists in the Asia Pacific region, and quite a lot. In 2004, the museum was the Asia Pacific Art Center, not yet in the museum category. In 2006, then given the name Museum Pasifika. From the art center turned into a museum, due to the growing number of art collections and its location in the center of Nusa Dua tourist attractions, making this museum often get visits from tourists, especially foreign tourists. Although the collection of art in museum Pasifika Bali mostly is permanent, but in this place often held art exhibitions either from Bali or other countries. Visitors to Museum Pasifika in Bali, every day increasingly, from hotel guests in Nusa Dua area, schools, tourism industry players and of course most of the art lovers. then for the art critics must visit this museum.


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