Museum Bali

The island of Bali offers a great selection of interesting tourist objects that you can visit, both natural attractions, art & culture tours, culinary tours and historical attractions such as tours to the museum. Most of the museums in Bali is a painting museum and its center for painting museum in Bali is Ubud’s tourist attraction.
The question is, whether in Bali there is only a painting museum, is there any museum other than painting museum? There are, of course, fewer. One of them is the Bali Bali museum. From the name you must already know that the location is in the city of Denpasar.
Museum Bali Denpasar, also called by the name of Bali provincial state museum of Denpasar, meaning that this museum is managed by the provincial government of Bali. Museum Bali Denpasar, save a lot of knowledge concerning human civilization from time to time, especially on the people of Bali.


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