Munduk Waterfall

Waterfall munduk located in the Village Munduk, Singaraja District. Located in a cool mountainous area with a myriad of the best natural attractions in Bali. Location waterfall munduk about 70 km north of Denpasar city, or with 2 hours drive by motor vehicle. it takes a little time because of the uphill and winding road connecting the city of Denpasar and Singaraja. Waterfall munduk has a height of about 20 meters with water falling only direction, this waterfall area has a wide enough circumference so much sloping land to enjoy the waterfall up close. Pond under waterfall is quite small for the size of waterfall munduk but enough for you who want to just soak in it. the vegetation just below the waterfall has a wonderful diversity of tropical plant-like plants such as flowers and colorful trees.That’s some of the things I can say about the waterfall munduk, may be a reference to the place you want to visit during the holidays in Bali. Hopefully useful, Happy Traveling and Enjoy Bali.


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