Munduk Asri Payangan

Nowadays many natural attractions are packed creatively by the managers, so a number of new places are popping up and this is of course very attractive to those who are bored with attractions in Bali are impressed it-that’s it, especially young people or those who are fond of selfie photos and always active in social media, a new place of the present and instagramable become the current destination of hits, such as one of the tourist attraction Munduk Asri, a new place open in mid-October 2017 was suddenly a trend in social media. Munduk Asri is a new place in 2017, presents beautiful scenery, presenting the beauty of the valley with tropical trees, and nature cool air makes the heart and mind to be peace and quiet, let alone the giant roots of the Taep tree that spread on the cliff wall look unique and different become an icon of the Munduk Asri. The roots of the tree extend outward, on the cliff wall also engraved reliefs and artificial caves that add to its charm, an unspoiled and unusual jungle charm that you can find in Bali, an instagramable place so worth visiting and abadikan. Munduk Asri is viral in social media, visitors are quite crowded, especially during the holidays of Hari Raya Galungan and Kuningan, visitors seem to be able to upload (upload) their tourism experience in this place in social media, and this helps information about the new tourist attraction in Bali, which now seems to be a trend because every new tourist spot will definitely crowded visitors. If you want to visit Munduk Asri and still be able to arrange your holiday time, then choose the usual days, avoid during the holidays especially holiday holidays such as Galungan and Kuningan, because during the holidays is always crowded visitors, so you can more freely to relax or selfie photos. Places like this are still popular among local tourists, especially those of young people and who like to hunting photos. The tourist attraction in Bali is indeed not popular among foreign tourists or domestic (outside Bali) yet many travel agents are packing their tour in Bali to this place, maybe in the future after this place is getting popular, if you are a guide, tour providers can pack Munduk Asri as a destination tour, especially this strategic place, its location in the direction of Kintamani tourism object and also recreation place rafting in river Ayung. Munduk Asri tourist attraction is designed to presenting natural beauty that is still natural and beautiful, a nature of the mountains are cool air so that adds coolness of your heart and mind can be fresh again, this place can occupy one of the list of tourist attractions in addition to the beach in Bali, the island is dominated by the natural beauty of the beach and you start saturated with a mainstream place, then Munduk Asri this could be the target of your next visit. The tourist attraction in Bali is indeed undergoing development and structuring, the various facilities provided, including a number of interesting spots for selfie photos are also provided such as tree roots that are on the cliff wall, a pavilion between trees that presents views of green valleys, wooden caves, stone sculptures, bamboo bridges as well as a number of other leisure spots with scenic backdrops, designed with the use of materials from nature, seem united with nature. Here also provided a tour of picking oranges, so what is served Munduk Asri make you feel at home let alone a selfie photo enthusiasts. If you want to enjoy the beauty and can take pictures of selfie with more leverage and comfortable there are some things you need to consider, such as selecting a quieter day visit, think of the weather when it rains in the wild nature of the course would not feel comfortable including when taking pictures and roads the soil around the location becomes slippery, the stairs way to the location enough to decline need to be careful and note the steps let alone holidays with children. When the new open entrance ticket to this place Rp 10.000 / orang, but the last update ticket entrance to the attraction Munduk Asri Payangan is Rp 15.000 / orang. Munduk Asri a new tourist attraction located in Kerta village, Payangan district, Gianyar regency of Bali. Access to the location is quite easy, the distance from Denpasar about 42 km, towards the road Payangan – Kintamani, on the left side of the main road left Baliho that leads you to Munduk Asri is located, this place can be accessed by car, so it does not take long on foot, but later upon arrival at the location then down the stairs to get to where you want.


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