The monument is a silent witness to a historic event of great importance to a region, community entity or history itself. The monument is a symbol of the majesty of an enormous struggle perpetrated by brave warriors to then liberate, reject discrimination, and isolation in its various forms. The monument is the historic reality, the symbol as well as the message of one generation to the next generation of struggle, suffering, and sorrow. The Javan Sea Operation Monument – Bali is one of the monuments built to honor and commemorate the services of the republican warriors who had fervently carried out the battle in April 1946. Where the Java-Bali Sea Cross Operations conducted from April to July 1946 was has an effect that is:
– In the meantime the Dutch invasion to the heart of RI government.
– Loosening of pressure against combat front in Surabaya.
– Can use the Port of Banyuwangi as a port of rice delivery to the people of Indonesia as part of RI diplomatic struggle. Monument Operation Lintas Laut Java -Bali is built in a wide area where the surrounding area is the area of ​​West Bali National Park. Above This monument is an anchor statue of a ship, and alongside the monument there is a path that surrounds it to reach the top. If you are heading over the monument you can see the incident at the time of the battle conducted by Troop M on the pictures surrounding this monument, and also this road is lined with guns and bamboo spears used by our nation to fight the invaders. Now Monument Operation Lintas Laut Java – Bali is used as a historic sights in the area of ​​western Bali. Monument Operation Luntas Laut Java – Bali was founded to commemorate the struggle of the heroes of the past, and so that we as the successor generation have a fighting spirit to free ourselves and our nation from all forms of colonization. Places like this provide a tourist choice in addition to the beach in Bali. Peak Mawar Dewasana while still in the stage of development and structuring, while unfinished workmanship of visitors who come to this place has not been charged entrance fee.


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