Monumen Mumbul Park

Monument to the Mumbul Park in Nusa Dua
Bali has a story of the heroes struggle to fight for the Unitary Republic of Indonesia from the Dutch colonial Puputan Margarana. Puputan Margarana is a battle of Ciung Wanara troops led by Lieutenant Colonel I Gusti Ngurah Rai in the face of NICA troops formed by the Dutch on November 20, 1946. To commemorate and appreciate the services of the heroes struggle, now in the battle area was established monument hero named Taman Pujaan Bangsa. While to appreciate the struggle of Ciung Wanara troop, the city park in Gianyar city named Ciung Wanara Town Park (please read: Ciung Wanara city park). In addition, to commemorate the heroic story of our heroes, the Balinese government also built a monument or museum like the People’s Struggle Monument in Puputan Renon Square or better known as Bajra Sandhi Renon Monument (please read also: Bajra Sandhi monument). Not only built Bajra Sandhi monument, there is still a monument that was built to commemorate the service of our hero Lt. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai the Monument Heroes of the War of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia 1945 in Mumbul Park. Due to its location in Taman Mumbul (Nusa Dua) ​​then this monument is better known as Taman Mumbul Monument. The location of this monument is very strategic because it is on the edge of the road By Pass I Gusti Ngurah Rai – Nusa Dua (please see in the map below for the location of google map version). This monument is very easy to see if coming from the area of ​​Nusa Dua to Muaya Jimbaran beach or Tegal Wangi beach, because it is on the left side of the highway. This monument looks very much like the monument Bajra Sandhi Renon. It’s just the size of this monument is smaller and not as popular as it is in the Puputan Renon Field. In addition to the historical sights, this monument is also used as a place of photo praweding for couples who will hold a wedding, because this monument is very beautiful and unique shape. Until this article was written (May 8, 2016), this monument is still empty of visitors because it has not been managed optimally by the local government. If this monument is managed optimally, would have many visitors like Bajra Sandhi monument that every day is never empty of visitors. Hopefully later this monument can be a magnet for tourists to visit Nusa Dua and of course become the tourism icon of Nusa Dua.


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