Mengiat Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Bali that presents the beauty of the beach. Mengiat beach is located in South Bali, precisely in Badung regency.
This beach can be used as an alternative to fill the holiday during in Bali or when on vacation to the Nusa Dua area.
Awareness of visitors to keep this area to support the cleanliness of this beach.
Watching the waves on the beach while sitting on the white sand will make you comfortable to linger in this kasawan.
Visitors who come to this beach can see the Peninsula Peninsula is green, Pura Bias Tugel, as well as a charming water blow.

In the morning this beach is perfect for viewing sunrise or sunrise.
For those who like to hunt sunrise, then Mengiat Beach is perfect to be chosen to capture the moments of sunrise with family or people closest.
When the daytime beach is enlivened by the presence of foreign tourists who sunbathe the hot sun.
Nyoman one visitor said, with white sand and smooth, this beach is suitable for a visit on holiday.
“This we again refreshing the same family to swim, the atmosphere is also comfortable,” he said when met on the sidelines of his activities with family at Mengiat Beach, Sunday (15/4/2018).
To support tourism activities at Mengiat Beach, there are already adequate facilities so that visitors are comfortable lingering on this beach.
For visitors who enter Mengiat Beach, not charged alias free.
Visitors only need to prepare money for two-wheeled vehicles for Rp 2 thousand and four wheel Rp 5 thousand.
There is a large parking area, also five-star hotel facilities, and cafes selling food and beverages, as well as many affordable beach chairs rentals.
Mengiat Beach is still in BTDC Nusa Dua area, from Ngurah Rai Airport only takes about 30 minutes or travel 15 km by motor vehicle.



The route through Bali Mandara Toll Road to Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, then pass through Jalan Nusa Dua first through security check.
At the BTDC roundabout turn left, then look straight ahead through BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua, you will find Dewa Ruci Statue is like a statue in Simpang Siur Kuta.
Before passing the statue, you have to choose the road turn left, then straight to get to parking area of ​​Mengiat Beach area. greeted by a stretch of white sand beach, with spectacular sea views. This place is really isolated, away from the crowds, as the name suggests, Bias means sand and Tugel means truncated, completely flaky white sand beaches clipped by a cluster of hills surrounding it. Beach lips Bias Tugel extends about 150 meters facing to the East.
Sea water is clear, soft white sand, the waves are not too big, so visitors can more freely to take a bath. Its hidden and isolated location, away from the noise, attracts tourists to visit the Bias Tugel beach, while visitors are still dominated by foreign tourists who stay in Padangbai area, and locals mainly by young couples.
A number of activities you can do while on the beach Bias Tugel, such as: relaxing on the white sand enjoying the calm atmosphere and natural beauty of the sea, swimming, snorkeling, or taking pictures amongst the cliffs of black rock with a background of natural blue sea.

A number of the nearest popular spots of Tugel Bias beach attractions such as; harbor and Padangbai pier that merpakan dock crossing fast boat from Bali to Gili Trawangan. It is also the center of the region’s most populous activities, including for snorkeling and diving recreation.
Other popular attractions in Bali are the Blue Lagoon and Labuhan Amuk beaches as watersport games in Karangasem and as the vessel for the Odyssey Submarine Bali.
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