Melasti Beach Tabanan

Many names of Melasti Beach on the island of Bali. One of them is Melasti Beach Tabanan. Beach name that uses the name “melasti”. The use of the name melasti not arbitrary because on the beach is usually used as a place to carry out the ceremony Melasti. No exception on this beach, which is often the location of sanctification to welcome the Nyepi holiday. Melasti Beach This Tabanan is just a beach with a short coastline. However, the unique thing is there is a mini waterfall whose water directly fall to the shoreline and forwarded to the sea. Melasti Beach Tabanan is also a spot to see the sunset. The Beauty of Mini Waterfall with Beautiful Skylight. You need to go to Batu Bolong temple to find Mini Waterfall location in Melasti Tabanan Beach. Pura Batu Bolong is on the right side of Pura Tanah Lot. From Pura Tanah Lota you need to walk about 400 meters to go to Pura Batu Bolong. You are required to be careful when on the beach cliffs along the Tanah Lot area, especially during high tide, because it is very dangerous. The beauty of Mini Waterfall with a beautiful sky twilight Then you go to Warung Manadala right next to the side there is an entrance that will take you to Melasti Beach. You can go to Melasti Beach just by foot. After going through the streets near Warung Mandala, you will be on a cliff with green grass as far as the eye can see. Melasti Beach is just under a green cliff so you have to go down to get to Melasti Beach. Melasti Beach Tabanan has black sand with lots of cliffs around and also large coral btu, strewn on the shoreline or in shallow sea. Beach position like ‘hidden beach’ is still not too crowded visitors, so you can freely enjoy the view at Melasti Beach. The waves that hit the rock become melodies that are ready to relax yourself. Melasti Beach Tabanan 2 »Melasti Beach Tabanan, The Beauty of Mini Waterfall with Beautiful Sunset Sky Waves on Melasti Beach Tabanan is quite high however, the number of coral reefs make this beach can not be used as a place of water sports because it is too dangerous. The beauty that has not been much touched humans you can capture through photos. Especially when the evening sky into Mini Waterfall background. hmm .. so, beauty and amazing sunset. Mini Waterfall at Melasti Beach is seasonal. And in fact Mini Waterfall is water that comes from irrigated rice fields in the area around Tanah Lot. Water irrigation is after through the fields of the population, continued up to the sea, and there is a beautiful mini waterfall to be immortalized. Due to the seasonal waterfall, you can see the waterfall around the end and the beginning of the month. If you visit during the dry season or when there is no irrigation in the fields, then you are not expected to see the waterfall. Also you should not come in mysim rain because the entrance of the cliff becomes slippery and becomes dangerous. The best time when capturing mini waterfall photos is on the sunset where behind the mini waterfall there is a sunset background with an exotic twilight sky.


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