Melanting Waterfall

Waterfall Melanting

Waterfall melanting is located in the village munduk on banjar district in Buleleng district of Bali province. This waterfall is located approximately 42 km from the city of Singaraja and approximately approximately 70 km from the city of Denpasar. From Ngurah Rai Airport you just need to follow the road By Pass Ngurah Rai straight up to the Tohpati area, the intersection of tohpati then straight through the road Gatot Subroto up to the area ubung. Then from the ubung you depart to the right that is to the area of ​​the ship in the subdistrict mengwi by following the Highway Ship to reach the bringkit area then turn right towards the bedugul. Continue to follow the road leading to bedugul to arrive at Bedugul tourist attractions of this bedugul you just need to follow the path that goes towards Gitgit or Singaraja. Next you will see a fork with a sharp turn toward the left. Take a left turn in the direction of Gobleg Village and follow the path until past Ngiring Ngawedang Restaurant. From this restaurant the journey passes about 2 km to the north (Seririt) to arrive at a bend with a pointer to the waterfall to the right of the road. After arriving at the vehicle parking area, the journey continues with a walk of approximately 500 m meters through the path until arriving in front of the waterfall. When carrying a two-wheeled vehicle is still possible to be brought to near the waterfall near the entrance. To get into this waterfall you only need to spend 5000 rupiah for adults and 2000 rupiah for children. In this waterfall melangs you will be in suguhkan natural beauty that is second to none. This waterfall is placed in the middle of the coffee garden and clove garden. As soon as you are there you will hear the sound of water pounding and also the sound of birds chirping that adds to the impression of beauty and kealamina waterfall this melanting. Water trjun a height of about 20 meters will provide a sense of comfort for those of you who have tired in performing daily activities. Fresh air that is still not exposed to air pollution into a special attraction for local tourists and foreign tourists. After the waterfall is guaranteed you will feel very fresh and also very eager to do your activities as usual. After visiting the waterfall slides this is a good idea to stop at Ngiring Ngawedang restaurant which is approximately 2 km from the waterfall, which we have passed when going to this waterfall melanting. You can take a break in this restaurant and also while enjoying coffee and vegetable dishes from the plantation in the village munduk. Dsini also available various international food such as waffle banana, sandwich and iced cappuccino. In this restaurant you will also be presented suguhkan very beautiful. The expanse of green coffee and clove plantations make the eyes become relaxed and calm after enjoying the beautiful waterfall melanting.


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