Mekalong Waterfall Buleleng Bali.

Mekalongan Waterfall Buleleng Bali
If you want to explore the exotic white sand beaches in southern Bali, whereas if you want to find a natural waterfall with water that is clear and refreshing then in north bali place. Although to go to northern bali requires a fairly long mileage and of course with a long time, but the beauty of the waterfall that is presented very stunning eyes. One of the waterfalls that you can make your destination to northern bali is a waterfall mekalangan or waterfall mekalongan. Mekalangan waterfall has a height of about 45 meters, where the flow of water comes from campuhan waterfall or twin waterfalls that are above it. Waterfalls campuhan own flow of water comes from two rivers that then merge into one, of course at the waterfall mekalangan water debit is greater and the current is more swift because higher than the twin waterfall earlier. In the dry season, the flow of this waterfall is really clear that it can be used to wash face or bath. The water is really fresh, especially when visiting this waterfall during the day, of course to relax and refresh the body by soaking in this waterfall is very precise, apalgi where the fall of water there is a pool that can be used for swimming. In the rainy season, this waterfall becomes turbid and brownish. So avoid coming in the rainy season. Certainly very bad not when the holidays suddenly come rain menguyu your body. On holidays, visitors to the waterfall is very crowded, let alone the development of information technology such as the emergence of social media makes this place became very famous in a matter of days. Of course the traveler lovers will be curious about the existence of this waterfall location. so the admin suggest to come to this waterfall on a typical day, so more freely to express themselves in the waterfall by way of photo-photos ria with friends and loved ones. Keep in mind that this location there are four waterfalls you know, do not waste your vacation just visit one waterfall alone, try all explorers, namely waterfall Kembar (Campuhan), waterfall mekalangan (the admin discuss this), waterfall , and Gitgit waterfall. The four waterfalls are located adjacent to each other lho. Very cool is not, once the holidays can visit four waterfall points with different characteristics. In addition to the beauty of the waterfall, around the natural state of the waterfall is also not to be outdone beauty, shady trees and green combined with the roar of the waterfall, refreshing cool air will make the brain become relaxed for a moment, and the exotic charm of nature is also very tempting your camera to immortalize . The address or location of the mekalangan waterfall is located in Gitgit Village, Sukasada District, Buleleng Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia. From Ngurah Rai airport will require the distance of about 78 km or with travel time about 2 hours 25 minutes google map version, from downtown Denpasar is about 65.8 km. Meanwhile, from beratan lake tourist attractions is about 17.6 km and from singaraja city is only about 12.7 km. Well it was a glimpse of tourist attractions or waterfall mekalangan mekalongan waterfall located in northern bali. So do not hesitate to step foot in northern Bali and refresh your eyes and body with the coolness of the river and the cold air in the highlands of Bali. Hopefully this can be used as your tourist refrence in looking for waterfalls in Bali, especially in North Bali. Greeting longtriper.


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